Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day 6: Back on Track

Have you ever daydreamed of a time when something would happen that would justify (to all those non-knitters who might not understand stash and the importance and necessity of having it) the amount of yarn and the amount of hand-knit items you have? That day might look something like this:

At the time I took this screenshot (from at 10:50pm) it was -29C. That's -20F. Yeah. Apparently the windchill isn't as bad right now, but at about 2pm it was -26C and the windchill made it about -40C. That's -40F. Yeah.

How happy was I that I had ALL THAT WOOL!!!! The thick and thin toque, the new mittens, the Clapotis, the green sweater, the blue stripey socks... Happy Wool Day. (wouldn't that be a great holiday? Wool Day? Oh... We could all get the day off work or chores or whatever takes us away from knitting and be waited on and be allowed to just knit... Admit it. You would lobby for it.)

The funniest part?

It should be +12 by Sunday. (It was +12 on Monday the 13th.)

Ah, Calgary. Crazy crazy Calgary.

I spent the whole day today avoiding any media stuff so that the coverage on CBC would all be "surprise". I hate watching sports when I already know what is going to happen. We (again, by "we" I mean Canada, and by "Canada" I mean those few elite athletes who actually have the discipline to practice their sports and make it to the Olympics) won 4 medals: 2 speed skating Silver, Bronze in Skeleton and Bronze in men's figure skating. Yay "us"!!!

And... (drum roll please. Cowbells if you must) Olympic Knitting is Back On Track!!!


  1. You know what? It was like that in Ottawa today, and it almost justifies moving from sweet (if damp) Vancouver. Go with wool!

  2. I love the cold weather for that reason. Being able to curl up with a pair of knitted socks and some good ole wool knitting to keep my lap warm! But ... I do love chinooks!


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