Monday, February 27, 2006

Day 17: What? It's over??? Oh. Right.

Now that all the insanity focussed knitting is over, I'm back to the mind numbing rhythmic knitting of the sleeves for the cabled cardi. The fronts, which are also being worked on, may take until the end of time. No pictures. Trust me, you aren't missing much at this point.

What to talk about? Hmm...

The sitcoms always do a clip show, but I don't know how that would work here... let's see...

Reader Comment Response Day!!

-Thanks to everyone who commented on the sweater. I like the look of it more than I thought I would while in the middle of it. Blocking after setting in the sleeves really smoothed out the line of the seam at the shoulders. The whole sweater is, well, big. I need to figure out some way to (you may want to sit down for this) shrink it a little bit. Even though I got gauge, it turned out quite a bit bigger than the finished measurements in the pattern.

Knitcatt asked: "How long have you been knitting?"
-I learned to knit when I was quite young. I don't really remember learning, but my mom and her mom both knit and I think it was through a combined effort on their part that I learned.
(Knitcatt is also from Calgary! Go look at her Branching Out. Very pretty!)

Agnes asked about the brand of the $@#%&*! sock yarn. It was Sisu Fantasy (I didn't get it from the seller that I linked to. I just couldn't find another picture with the label and info) The thing about this yarn is that I love the feel of it, and the colors are exactly me. It's just the $@#%&*! yarn had a knot and one ball seemed to be wound inside out.

Simone caught my reference (here) to not doing something stupid, i.e. like not showboating on the 2nd to last jump, i.e. like the snowboard cross rider in the women's final... (no nationalities named).

(Mostly I mention Simone's comment as a way to work in a link. Go look at her finished Olympic Knitting project. So pretty!!)

Knitcatt asked "Were you driving while knitting the sock or was there someone else with you who was driving??? I am not really sure how that would work to be driving and knitting...were you on the deerfoot at all??"
-Um... well... Yes. I was the driver. Yes. I was on the Deerfoot. BUT before anyone gets concerned and/or calls the cops, traffic was not moving. At all. I would knit until the car in front of me moved, then put it down until we had to stop again, then pick it up. I usually knit socks on a 12" Addi Turbo so it's not as dangerous for car knitting as it might be... I don't knit in the car often, but I always keep a sock or something small/portable with me so that I can work on it if I end up sitting in traffic for a long time.

Gillian/Ferg has commented often, but more than that, go read the post I linked to. What a brave knitter!! She describes how she altered a sweater using (you may want to sit down again) a SEWING MACHINE and SCISSORS!!!! Brave, brave knitter...

Well, that concludes this episode of Reader Comment Response Day. I will have knitting to show you soon. It might not be exciting, but I will have something.

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  1. Aw shucks, thanks for the nice words about the Keplass!
    I'm glad the shoulder seam has recovered. And If you figure out a way to shrink your sweater slightly, I'd LOVE to hear it. I've got a Tubey that could be a bit smaller.

    How do you like the 12" addis? I almost bought one the other day, but the lady at the LYS said she finds them somewhat uncomfortable/hard to hold - maybe because the needle part is so short?


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