Friday, February 10, 2006

The Flame Is Lit!

All day today I felt this sense of expectation. I kept stopping myself from talking about the Olympics with my co-workers. Oh, we talked about the Winter Olympics. I mean that I kept wanting to talk about my project for the Knitting Olympics, but they already think I'm a little, how you say?, crazy with all the knitting.

So, due to ridiculous muggle coworkers and irritating supervisors who don't understand the importance, nay, necessity of knitting circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to cast on at the official cast-on time. However, I arrived home from work at about 6:45 (there was a slight detour in there. It involved looking for emergency replacement yarn. Just in case), just in time to get ready to watch the opening ceremonies on CBC.

This is where I will be competing. Just me, my yarn, my needles, a lot of coffee and chocolate and the CBC (that's Brian Williams there on the TV)

**Aside: can you believe how many knitters are in this thing? Mind. Boggling. Amazing.

By the time the Canadian team made their entrance I was here:

These are awesome pictures, I know! I should put together a coffee table book of my work.
*I'm not serious.
**You knew that, right?

But as I kept speeding along, feeling rather proud of myself for getting the hang of the fair isle two-handed stranding thing (I really don't know exactly what term is appropriate or correct for what I'm doing), I realized I had missed an increase row for the sleeve. I was looking at what I had so far trying to decide if I should tink back to do the increase or just do the increase on the row I was on. Then I noticed this:

I somehow missed one entire round of the pattern. (I don't have any fancy-schmancy software to put captions or arrows or anything on my photos. Can you see what I mean? At the top of the pic?)

So, I frogged. You know, I think this may be the thing that sets the Knitting Olympics apart from the Real Olympics: If I screw up at the beginning, in the middle or even at the end of my Olympic event, I have full immunity to start over. They don't let you do that so much in the Real Olympics... (of course there are some exceptions due to technical issues or like in Gymnastics where you have a certain amount of time to get back up but, for the sake of illustration... work with me... )

I frogged back to the row before my mistake and I'm happy with the result. I could have and would have lived with it if I hadn't noticed when I did, but I'm glad that I fixed it. (In the interest of honesty I will mention that I picked the pattern repeat that I did the most even work on to show you. Some of my stranding/fair isle-ing/color work is not so, how you say?, good. Possibly it is even, how you say?, wonky. I'll show you tomorrow)

And now, as it is already past curfew in the Olympic Village, good night fellow Olympians (and spectators and those who think this whole thing is just a little, how you say?, cuckoo?).

I don't know what brought on the sudden and somewhat stupid silly use of the phrase "how you say?" I think my boss (for whom English is not the first language) says it quite often and it gets into my head by the end of the day. Or maybe I should lay off the cold medicine.

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  1. Go lori, go lori! I'll be cheering for you on the side. As a matter of fact I love Alice a lot ... just that more-than-one-colour knitting would not take the front seat for me so soon. But the sweater is lovely.


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