Saturday, October 29, 2005


I'm sure this will be shocking to most of you, but I think I have one or two idiosyncrasies. Yes. Yes, I do.

For example:
I am compulsively organized at work. Everything is in its place and I have my work surfaces clean and tidy. At home, however, it sort of looks like someone took a yarn store and a book store and dumped half the contents of each into a shaker and then dumped them out into my apartment. Not so neat and tidy. Not that I'm a slob, the dishes are clean and there isn't a bowl of half-petrified Kraft Dinner (Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, for those non-Canadians in the crowd) under the couch. I just am not the most organized person at home. Or, rather, it is all sort of organized, it's just spilling out of it's bounds and over everything else. The fact that a person living alone can consistently lose stuff in her own small apartment is perhaps evidence for this point.

Another example: The fact that there were approximately 4 rounds more ribbing on one of my sleeves drove me crazy (as evidenced by the post last week). But, somehow I am quite happy to live with this:

**ETA: the mis-match striping, not the fact that one sock is finished and one is not. they are both now finished, i just don't have a picture of them finished. That would be quite a feat (sorry. nearly punny there) for me to be able to live with one finished and one unfinished sock. Not to mention slightly painful, what with the needle in there

I knew at the top of the second sock that they weren't going to match, but I didn't want to pull out that much yarn just to get them to the right spot in the sequence. It's only about 1/2 inch off on the second sock. I don't care. Wierd, huh?

The day that I knit the second sock, my feet looked like this

, so I guess a teeny mismatch in the second sock isn't such a big thing.


  1. Hey, you've made some good stuff!

    I'm more of a crocheter myself - taught myself to crochet about a year ago. I've tried to teach myself to knit since then, but life's become so busy that I can't find the time to do either!

    Swing by my blog sometime and say hi!

  2. hehe, it's the other way around with me, my room is so tidy, but my work desk is a mess!
    I tagged you on my blog, Miss!


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