Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day 11: Where has this Olympic Knit/Athlete been?

It's been quite a while since I posted! Oops.

As we all know, pictures and constant updates of straight stocking stitch in the round (in beige, no less) are probably the most exciting pictures that one can post on their blog, but, in an effort to prevent all the heart palpitations, I decided to wait until I got a little further on.

This is where I am at today. I had EXACTLY 59 rounds of the mis-matched dye-lot beige. I ended up doing more rounds of plain green than I had planned, but I will mirror that on the top of the fairisle band.

I'm also hoping that blocking will ease out the issues in the fair isle band. I thought I was doing okay, tension wise, but it's not overly pretty, as you can see:

So where was this Olympic Knitter for the past few days? Well, she was knitting for most of the time, but she also got to deliver the hockey skate baby booties. I went to my brother & sister-in-law's place Sunday. I haven't seen the boys since October so it was a lot of fun. They are HUGE (well, really they're not for their age, but when you see them when they are teeny and then not again for 4 months... well, you probably don't need me to explain that...)

Have you ever tried taking a clear picture of 2 six month olds? At the same time? When they are happy? And active? No? This is what it looks like:

(BTW: When we dressed them Monday morning all I could think about was the kids from The Royal Tenenbaums)

Finally I got this pic:

They were a hit with the parents and the boys kept trying to grab them, which I took as a sign of approval.

Gotta go. Rounds and rounds of straight stocking stitch are not going to knit themselves. crap


  1. Ha ... I like the picture with the "ghost" hand flying over the babies!

  2. Great to see the progress and to know you "have a life" outside the knitting olympics. I was getting worried about you. Gillian from Oz

  3. oh what little cuties! Go, Canada, go!! You are almost there. It's looking great! I hope that's motivated you. :)


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