Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 5: Olympic Knitting? What Olympic Knitting?

So, after the extremely long track knitting event yesterday (don't remind me) I took a day off from the crazy-making, profanity inducing math my Olympic knitting.

Instead, I knit these (pattern here from a post at Craftster by sunflowerfairy):
(of course I knit... you didn't think a day off from Olympic knitting meant a day without knitting!!! Come on!!!)
(pair 1 of 2)

In honor of the first day of Olympic Men's Hockey... well, not entirely. I've started at least 2 other of these skate-booties for my newest nephews, but I can't find one of them and the second one ended up huge. I'm hoping to go up to visit with them this weekend, if my company gives us Family Day off on Monday.

I have one more pair to make (twins!) and then I'll be back on track with the Olympic knitting. Hopefully.


  1. :-))) Those are SO CUTE!!! Very clever idea:-) Gotta love craftster!

  2. Those are great!! I love them. I need another baby for those. Don't think that'll be happening. Oh well. Knit on!

  3. We won a gold medal and guess what? The guy's a Canadian with an Oz passport. No Holiday for us but I hope you get Alberta Family Day, cheers Gillian (ferg)


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