Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 3 Update: Re-e-a-a-d-d-eee???....

The starter's voice at the long track Speed Skating always makes me laugh. It sounds like they are trying so hard not to freak anyone out. "Re-a-a-d-eeee???"

I now have not one, but 2 sleeves. Which is convenient, as this sweater will be for me and I have 2 arms!

it is possible that I am a little loopy from a day that saw me nearly blacking out when I was getting ready for work, a morning spent on the couch trying to stop the spinning (ah, sinus cold, my old friend. and you brought your buddy vertigo! great!!), an afternoon at work that started with one of my co-workers sniping at me and then when she was called on it by our supervisor she took it out on me even more (ah, junior high. i missed you, with your backstabbing and petty ways. welcome back), then a blinding headache and a pile of paperwork and it's cold.... sorry. the whining is over now.


I think my tension issues on the first fair isle band were due to the strangeness of the two handed technique. My right hand wanted to revert to the way I used to hold the yarn when I was an "English"/Throwing style knitter. I taught myself continental about a year and a half ago. Strangely, since I am right handed, it was harder to teach my right hand to hold the yarn for the 2 color fair isle technique than it was to teach my left hand to knit continental. I think that was because I had learned to crochet when I was little, and the way I hold my yarn is similar. My right hand had to unlearn the English style.

I'm pleased with the way the second band turned out (on the right):

Now the sleeves are having a bath and I'm hoping that some of the wonkiness (and the "rowing"/uneven tension at the sleeve caps from the switch from in the round to back and forth) will be evened out by blocking.

Now for the body. I have a plan to compensate for the mis-matched dye lots. I hope it works.

Knit On!!


  1. I think you've done a magnificent job. I went for a pentathlon of tasks so that I could swap around. I shall probably end up with 5 UFOs!
    I shall be watching to see how you go, cheers from OZ, ferg
    p.s. If "we" win anything "we" will probably all have an unofficial holiday.

  2. I'd considered doing Alice for my Olympics project but decided to go a different route. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. Best of luck!


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