Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jaywalkers done

I finished my Jaywalkers! (I actually finished them on Feb. 1, but couldn't find my camera...)

I love these socks! The stripes match! The colors are pretty crazy, and there isn't much stretch in the sock, making it difficult to put them on, but the fit is really good.

I finished the back of my cabled cardigan. Seemingly endless rows of ribbing. (It needs to be blocked. It really will fit) While I love the look of the yarn, it isn't very smooth to knit with so the ribbing doesn't necessarily fly on the needles.

(exciting photo, huh?)

If the ribbing doesn't flow smoothly, imagine the cabled section:

I love the way the cables look in this yarn but it is a bit of a chore to do them. I will NOT give up on this one though. It just might take a while longer than I had anticipated...

And lastly.

Does anyone have any idea how long (heel to toe) a 6-month-old babies foot would be? I'm making these for the nephews but it seems really big. (4.25" from heel to toe!)


  1. (Warning, I haven't measured, so I'm just estimating) 4 inches is probably too big for 6 months. My baby is 14 months and they would probably fit her. Closer to 3 inches would be more 6 month size, BUT if the ankle part is tight enough the booties may still stay on the little guy's foot.

  2. My baby is 7 month old and its 4 inches from heel to toe. Since my son has quite large feet I don´t know if it fits them or not, but in my opinion larger Babyclothes are better than close fitting, since they grow so quickly.


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