Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Worthwhile pursuit or Insanity?

First off, I realize it's been a long time since i've posted... I haven't been finishing much of anything and I don't seem to be a very good "in progress" poster. If anyone has been waiting, thanks! Nice to see you!

I've been meaning to tell you about my latest "is she crazy?" project. After seeing the most amazing patchwork skirt on Craftster this past weekend, I realized I should post this. It definitely falls into the endless project/is it worth all that work? category. I've been thinking about that a lot ever since reading about the mocking that Megan experienced. I think I often feel like I need to justify things I make. I mentally rehearse explanations or uses for things I make, whether or not anyone would ever question the validity of the project. I need to stop that. So, in that vein...

I've been admiring Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts for a while now. I realize how much work goes into one, I'm not that crazy, but I've wanted to make one for a while. So...

hexagons in progress

flower garden1

I played around with layouts...
flower garden2

I think I like this one the best. I'll surround each diamond with a round of cream or white
completed diamond shapes

hexagons ready to go
I'm making headway but this will definitely be a long term project. I don't have any deadline for it. It's just kind of relaxing to baste the edges of the hexagons (i'm just using 2" squares cut from scraps) and hand stitching them together when I have a bunch.

After I decided to make the diamond shapes I had a couple of flowers that were odd balls. That is, I didn't have any more fabric for them and had already sewn them together. So I decided I needed a new pin cushion and sewed the edges together

flower made into pin cushion
flower made into pin cushion

In other news: I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take part in the Ravelympics. I think, if I do, I'll enter the WIP Wrestling category. I want to try to finish a bunch of things, but most of all I think I'd like to tackle the leftover sock blanket. Anyone else joining up? If so, what category/categories are you entering?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Covering every square inch of my world

Apparently I have some disorder that is causing me to want to cover every square inch of my world in fabric or fiber. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. There probably is some sort of support group for it. Oh yeah, there's Craftster, Ravelry, knit-alongs, sew-alongs, knitting meet-ups, spin-ins... I guess those things are more "enabling groups" than "support groups"... haha

I took a couple of extra days off this past weekend to make a 5 day weekend for Canada Day (July 1, Canada's birthday for those non-Canadians in the crowd). I caught a ride with my brother, sister-in-law and their three toddlers. Yes. You read that right: 3 toddlers. Almost-3-year-old twin boys and a 1-year-old daughter. Love those kids but, wow, they are, um, rambunctious. And loud. And hilarious. They were really good in the vehicle, but, still, three toddlers in an enclosed space is three toddlers in an enclosed space.

(where was I going with this? Oh yeah...)

Every time I drive anywhere for any length of time, or when it's hot in the car, I wish I had a cover for my seatbelt so it won't cut into my neck. I've seen fuzzy animal covers for kids, but hadn't seen one for grown-ups.


Seatbelt cover

The squiggle quilting on one end was a test patch with my quilting/darning foot. It wasn't overly successful. I used scrap fabrics and a scrap of batting, sewed a rectangle and quilted. I used velcro to close and voila...
Seatbelt cover outsideSeatbelt cover inside

Next up? TV cozy?

In other news:
Roundabout Leaf Tank in progress
I'm this close to being done my Roundabout Leaf Tank from Knitting Nature... I can't wait. I think I'll really love this tank when it's completed.