Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 4: The 100,000m Long Track

Let's say you prepare for the 10,000m. You train, you do all your prep work, you're ready for the 10,000m. You get to the Oval and you start your race. "This race seems to be going on a lot longer than usual," you think as you skate round and round. Finally you look for your coach. "What's going on?" you shout as you go by. "Oh, didn't we tell you? It's the 100,000m now!"

My gauge is right. I cast on the number of stitches I need for the size I need. I was knitting and knitting and finally thought "This seems like a lot of stitches. Maybe I should measure."

The measurement around is supposed to be 38.5 inches. I have 47 inches. Yes. Forty Seven.

This is going to require some math. I don't want to do math. I think I'll sleep on it. Any suggestions? I'm knitting the medium size. I don't know if going down to the small size for the body will help (it's 26 stiches smaller. That's just over 4 inches. That will leave it still too big).

It's a good thing I have a sock to work on.


  1. Oh, Lori! I have given up swatches, they seem to have a magic tension of their own. I always knit an inch or two of the whole pattern and then measure up like you have. THEN I measure and do some maths and frog and start again. If you want to use a calculator it can be easily done. For you, multiply the number of stitches you had by 38.5 and then divide by 47. You should end up with less stitches than you had before. The other way is to check it against another pattern with the same wool thickness. Or something like that... I really don't know what makes me think I can help, it's just so familiar I found myself feeling like part of it, Cheers ferg

  2. Oh no! I've had that happen to me as well. It makes no sense!
    I started the body of my sweater last night too. I'm doing it in the round, and it's taking so long to see any progress. Sleeves grow so much faster.
    Your dye lot solution sounds like a good idea, by the way. good luck!


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