Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Knitting! With Pictures!!

Okay, so I've not been posting much. The projects I've been working on have mostly been Christmas knits, so I haven't shown you just in case the intended recipients happen to come by here. But, today, I have REAL KNITTING PICS to show you!!

**in my head there's crazy cheering and applause.

1. Green sweater. From recycled yarn from previously turtlenecked green sweater. (that reminds me of what I told my aunt when we were at the Yarn Lady's house. The Yarn Lady made me put on slippers that she had in the closet. When my aunt came around the corner I told her I had been "Slippered".)
Where was I? Oh yeah. Green Sweater.
Fibre content: some weird mix of wool, rabbit fur, and acrylic.
Pattern: um... I had something as a jumping off point somewhere along the line, but no real pattern.

best (only) compliment I've received on this sweater: My friend Cobi and her kids took me to lunch for my birthday. I was wearing this sweater. When I took off my jacket, Cobi's little girl stopped what she was saying and said "That's a really pretty green... um... shirt Lori" awwwww (she's 3 1/2. awwww)

2. Cabled Zipped Jacket for my sister-in-law from Vogue Knitting 04/05
Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky
This is my sister-in-law's Christmas present. They are moving this week and I don't think she would see this before I get it to her, so I'm posting pics!!

The other front and most of one sleeve are done. Yay Chunky weight knits on US10/6mm needles!!

3. Cabled Secret Sweater for my friend Cobi.
COBI: You are NOT allowed to look at this. (although, if your name happens to be Cobi and you don't know me or have any reason to suspect I may give you a Christmas gift, go ahead, look)
Yarn: Patons Decor. Suprisingly soft and holds the cables really well.

HA! Cobi I knew you'd look, so I didn't show the whole thing!!

I need to block it, weave in a few ends and put int the zipper, but otherwise the score is:
Christmas presents completed: 1(ish)
Christmas presents in progress: 3 (i don't have pics of the toques, sorry)(oh, yeah, i'm working on 2 toques for un-named kids of an un-named friend)(shh)
Christmas presents completed and messed up and needing to be frogged but being avoided because of the soul-sucking realization that i'll never get it re-knit in time for Christmas: 1
Christmas presents yet to be started: 2. maybe 3 or 4. I haven't decided yet.
Days until Christmas: 12
Chance that I will get it all done BEFORE Christmas while continuing to work 10 hour days: slim
Migraines and assorted aches and pains causing me to take a half sick-day: 1
Time spent during my half sick-day feeling like I should be working or knitting: 3 hours.

I'm off to go in to work. Merry Christmas Knitting all... And to all a good FO.

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