Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Never Ending Cable Front Cardigan

Need I say more?

I have sleeves and a back, but, creative and resourceful as I am, I can't make them into a workable garment without the &#%$@!^ fronts of the cardigan.

This is the SAME front that I have been working on since the dawn of time. It will not end. And, shockingly, the pattern calls for ANOTHER front piece. Equally cable-y. Oy.

(Note: It is not solely the cables themselves that are causing this to be such a slow knit. It is a combination of the cables, which I love, and the yarn, which I love. The yarn is not very, erm, slide-y. I don't know how to describe it otherwise. It makes the cables stand out really well, but it isn't very smooth to work with: slightly sticky and rough.)

Yesterday I was looking around my living room and wondering what was wrong. Finally I realized: I was only working on one project. !! I only knit one project during the Olympics, (well, except for the sock) (and the baby booties while the Olympic Knitting and I were fighting) and since then I haven't gotten back into my multiple projects habit. It felt strange.

I avoided the cable front cardigan yesterday, choosing to finish the socks. Then, as the cable front cardigan whimpered for attention, I cast on for a present for my friend's daughter. Then, I cast on a scarf with the thick and thin yarn I dyed a while ago. (the scarf has since been frogged and will be re-started soon). Still the stupid, selfish, time consuming cable front cardigan front gave me the puppy-dog look begging me to finish it.

Enough with the passive-aggressive attention seeking!! Fine!! I will work on you!! Just no more puppy-dog eyes!!


I am almost at the armhole (is that the right word? it doesn't sound right) shaping, which should make things go a little quicker, but, I still feel like this may take until next winter to finish.

(I really really really love how this sweater is looking. Don't get me wrong. I can't wait for it to be finished. I plan to love it and wear it every day until people start to look at me funny)(funnier than normal)

I may need to cast on for a few more projects. THEN I'll get this thing finished...


  1. Yeah, things go really much faster once you reach the armhole shaping. I finished the back of my Must Have Cardigan and am working on the left front. I am hoping I can go beyond armhole shaping today. What's the pattern for your cable cardigan? The cables are lovely!

  2. Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. I'm not that brave yet.

  3. Those are just gorgeous cables. I love it! Keep up the preserverence! You can do it.

  4. The lovely thing about armholes is that the numbers of stitches per row start to get less and it seems to speed things up a wee bit. I cant wait for it to be finished either.
    Sometimes when things get finished I get that feeling like you do at the end of a good book, wishing there was another chapter, but usually I'm just relieved.
    Cheers Gillian


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