Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I know I'm not American, but I was so hopeful for your election last night and what a result! I don't mean to alienate anyone, but from afar this feels like a good thing for all.

I wasn't going to watch any election coverage. I figured there would be no definitive news until late, and I had a PVR-full of saved TV and movies to watch, but then I saw that Jon Stewart's Indecision '08 was on so I started watching that. I realized that it was live, so I stuck with Jon & Stephen. Then, at 9:00 mountain time, he announced that it was official. I felt chills and, as mentioned, he's not even my president.

I was hooked for the rest of the evening. I listened to commentator after commentator talked about how historic this was and how "you'll always remember where you were" (In my apartment, on my couch, knitting Sheri's toque). I watched the concession speech, and then somehow managed to miss the beginning of Obama's speech. But when I got to it, just: Wow. I had a big grin and chills and, as mentioned, he's not even my president.

I have such hope. Wow.


In other news:

I am scheduled for laser eye surgery (EEE!!) on November 14. I'm trying to come up with ways to fill the hours and hours and hours when I'm not going to be able to see well enough to knit/watch TV/read (or maybe i'm just not supposed to try? haven't read all of the literature yet. should get on that). So I was thinking about downloading some audio books. Unless I can get the Boy to read to me... hmm.

I haven't ever listened to any audio books, so I thought I'd ask you all. Any suggestions for books to listen to? Books you listened to that were well read? Books to avoid? Sites to get them from?

(I plan to have a plain sock that I can knit on my sock-sized circulars just in case I can't not knit)


  1. I don't know if this is something you'd be interested in, but I can vouch for the Harry Potter audiobook series - they are read really well.

  2. I agree - the election last night was fascinating, even to Canadians. It was amazing to see the look of hope and excitement on so many faces in the crowds. I totally had chills!

    On to audiobooks: too bad you're not in BC - we have
    "Library to Go" (at But there is also Librivox ( which is free and Audible (, which is subscription. Most libraries have books on CD now, don't they?

    Oh, and I heard that the audiobook version of "Eat Pray Love" is fantastic. The author reads it herself and a lot of her personality comes through.

    Good luck with the surgery!


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