Thursday, November 06, 2008

Driving Reality

I love Discovery Channel. I want to be a Mythbuster. Mike Rowe is awesome. Any storm chaser kind of show or How It's Made or what have you and I'm hooked. Discovery Channel Canada has a few shows that are not on Discovery Channel in the US. One of them is Canada's Worst Driver.

I don't know how many Canadians are reading, but if you are, you HAVE to watch Canada's Worst Driver. Honestly, it's the most cringe-enducing, hilarious reality type show there is on the planet. Honestly. It will make you feel both like a professional driver and like someone who has never set foot in a vehicle at the same time.

The premise is that people nominate their friends or loved ones to be named Canada's Worst Driver. The 8 contestants and the friend/loved one who nominated each of them gather at "Driving Rehab" where they have have their licenses taken away and they have to take part in driving challenges and get instruction from professional driving instructors. The idea is that each episode one of the drivers will have changed their bad habits and learned enough to get their license back and leave rehab. The one who is still there at the end loses his license and is named Canada's Worst Driver.

I don't know which part is better: the in-car cameras catching all of the bizarre reactions and strange reasoning while the bad drivers do the challenges, or how they blame their bad driving on the one who nominated them.

There's the monster truck driving princess girl, or the 60+ year old woman who gets a "rush" from running stop signs and admits to drinking while driving (!!!!), or the woman who cries whenever she has to be on the road... and so on.

Mostly I just hope that I never ever see any of these drivers on the road for real. And, I wish I could nominate random people on the road on the way to work...

Oooh, next week's episode: merging!!

(yes. I know. Dork)


  1. We too are Discovery Channel fans...and we like the announcer for the Canadian version of How It's Made better than they voice they dub in for the US version.

    However, one of my favorite shows of that sort is on the History channel rather than Discovery. It's called Boneyard...and shows what happens to things when they are no longer of use. Things like ships, heavy machinery, etc.

    Canada's worst driver sounds like a hoot!

  2. I'm totally jealous - that sounds awesome! I wonder if there are episodes of it on youTube...

  3. That sounds hilarious! I'll have to check if I get it. I did watch the first season of Storm Chasers -- Byron the navigator/camera guy in the tank car is a college buddy of mine!

  4. That sounds brilliant! I hate driving,and it sounds like I could learn a lot...


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