Sunday, November 23, 2008

Distracting myself

Thank you for your prayers for my Mom (and for me & my family). We don't know anything yet. My aunt took my Mom to North Battleford to the hospital but their CT tech isn't available on weekends (it's a smaller city). She was supposed to go back on Tuesday to get the scan. This morning my sister-in-law took Mom to see the family doctor and he wanted them to go to Saskatoon today to get a CT scan done right away. That doesn't ease my worry, but I guess I'm glad that someone is doing something. I can't do anything, which is very frustrating.

To distract myself yesterday I finished a rug I had started in the summer and just lost steam on. This has been on my loom for a few months... It was time I finished it.


The warp is Bernat Handcrafter Cotton and the weft is 3 inch strips cut from 2 different cheap-o cotton blend flat sheets. Finished size is 24" x 28.5" not including fringe.


The colors are predictable really, given my brown/blue obsession all spring and summer. I really like how it turned out and will probably do more like this (one day).

Now I need to find something to distract myself until I hear back from my sister-in-law. Football and some knitting should help.

Thank you again for your prayers.


  1. Wow, really beautiful! I don't want to look at weaving, because of how much I'd love to do it, and I have barely enough time in the day as it is... but this ... really... is ... tempting. (There's a weaving studio quite close to where I live. In a small bit of forest. Close to the mountain. A long low room full of huge wooden looms. Even the smell of it is intoxicating.)

  2. your family is in my prayers.. keep updating, won't you?


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