Monday, November 17, 2008

Leftovers Blanket: Mitered Corners (or Mitred Corners, if you prefer)

I've had a few questions lately about how I knit the mitered corners for the Leftovers Blanket. I needed something to post today to do more rounds of the solid colored bands, so I thought I'd start the next one and document the corner. You're welcome.

This band is 18 stitches, knit on to the previous round like so: on the wrong side (WS), slip first stitch, knit to last stitch, slip stitch (sl 1), pick up & knit one from previous band, pass slipped stitch over (psso). Turn work, slip first stitch with yarn in front, knit to last stitch, knit through back loop.

mitered corner 1
Knit to corner of previous band, and begin short rows:
mitered corner 2
On WS knit to last unwrapped stitch (in first row of short rows, knit to stitch attaching to previous band) wrap stitch and turn: bring yarn to front, sl 1, bring yarn to back, return slipped stitch to left needle, turn and knit to end. Continue in this manner until there is only one stitch left.
mitered corner 3
You will now begin to knit, picking up wraps. On WS knit to first wrapped stitch, pick up wrap and knit together with stitch, turn and knit to end.
mitered corner 6
Continue in this way (slipping the first stitch of WS rows and adding one more stitch each row) until all wrapped stitches have been worked and you are back at the previous band.

mitered corner 7
And, there you go.

I hope this was clear and/or helpful. If nothing else, it is a post, and I haven't missed one in November. NaBloPoMo!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I have been having a hard time finding instructions on how to do a mitered corner like this anywhere on the internet (most are via knitting in the round or decreases).

  2. I agree with Anonymous! I've been looking for instructions to attache a leaf border to my tree of life blanket without any luck. And the pictures are wonderful for a visual person such as I.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Very easy to follow.

    How do you attach the border to the blanket?

    1. The border is knitted on to the blanket. I knit the border stitches, then picked up a stitch from the edge of the blanket and decreased (in this case I had slipped the last border stitch, picked up & knit a stitch from the edge and passed the slipped stitch over).

  4. Can this be done with German short rows? I don't like the wrap and turn look.


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