Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Close call and comfort knitting

I was working on the 2nd of my Spring Forward socks on Sunday when I decided to check the foot length on the first one. I put it on and that's when my heart momentarily stopped:
Spring Forward Sock with dropped stitch!!!

Somehow I dropped a stitch on a decrease round on the toe. Enter the trusty crochet hook and a blunt needle and:
Spring Forward sock repaired!
Barely noticeable. And even I only notice it because I know where it was. WHEW.

After a very stressful end to my day yesterday, I came home, put some chicken in the oven (cheatercomfort chicken: made with Shake N Bake), rode my stationary bike for 20 minutes (6 km! woo! i'm so out of shape), then settled in to start a toque for my friend from work, Sheri. As I was about to start, she called to tell me that the stressful thing at the end of the day wasn't actually nearly as bad as it had seemed. What a relief! It seemed a nice coincidence that I was about to knit something for her right then!

(Hi Sheri!)

comfort knitting
So, after the stressful day, I enjoyed an evening of comfort knitting (simple 2x2 toque with fold up bottom) in front of the football game.

I wonder if the Redskins predictive powers will be back this year? Every presidential election since 1936 (except for 2004) has been accurately predicted by the outcome of the Redskins last home game before the election. If the Redskins win, the incumbent party remains in power. If the Redskins lose, the incumbent party is out. The Redskins lost last night so... we'll have to see if it's back!

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