Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not cool, Nature. Not Cool.

Yesterday was sunny (for the most part) and warm(ish). Would it have killed you to do that for one more day? Really?
Nuh uh nature.  I do NOT think so
Not in the plan. Nuh uh. Not at all what was agreed upon.

If you need me I will be holed up in bed with my knitting and my computer (blog reading, catching up on Corner Gas) until the situation is rectified.
Cowl in progress
Cowl in some of my handspun. I'm using the patterns from the Spiral Boot sock (!). This will be a gift for a co-worker

I don't think unseasonably warm weather and sunshine are too much to ask on one's birthday, are they? (clever how I snuck that in there, huh?)


  1. Happy Birthday! I had to check your profile to see where you were showing the snow pictures from! I am in southwestern Ontario where the ground is also white. Nasty stuff! I really like your cowl, both the yarn and the pattern.


  2. Happy birthday!! Sorry about the sucky weather though :(

    At least you've got knitting!!

  3. Happy birthday Lori!

    Bummer about the snow. It didn't snow today here (2 hours south of you). It may yet though.

  4. Happy birthday! I hope it was good despite the weather. The knitting looks lovely.


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