Sunday, November 09, 2008

Spinning Sunday*

*because "Fiber Sunday" doesn't have that nice alliteration and I keep forgetting can't get decent pictures for Fridays



I can't find the note that came with this Spunky Eclectic FOTM offering, so I don't even remember what month it was. So, fiber and colorway remain a mystery.**Update thanks to commenter Sherie: "The spunky fiber is May 2008 - Rosebud - Corriedale". Thanks Sherie! Good eye! I do know that I like it much more after plying than I thought I might. The rose tones are just rich enough to not be too cutesy with the light green.
4 oz, approx. 308 yards/281 meters.
It's probably close to a sport/light dk weight. I ended up going much thinner than I had intended with this one! It's a curse.

This weekend I decided to dye some merino roving I have had on hand for a while. I split the 1/2 pound lot into 2 and dyed the first half with some purple Tintex dye I think I picked up at the dollar store and a few dashes of Olive Dylon dye. Not overly surprising then that the purple didn't actually come out purple but more of a burgundy-ish.
Oh, that's not bad
At first I was disappointed that I didn't get the rich purple I was aiming for, but now that I see it in the light, I quite like it.

The second half was an experiment. I had 3 pots of Jacquard Dye-na-flow, which is admittedly more of a paint than a dye. I did a small scale test with some wool yarn, and it took the dye and didn't wash out after heat setting. So, I gave it a go. Again, the aim was for Royal purple with some Emerald Green accents. Um.
Oops dye lot
Yeah, that didn't work. I can see that had the colors set in the fiber it would have been exactly what I wanted, but, alas. I'm contemplating over-dying this but I don't want to end up felting the fiber. I might spin it and then think about dying it.

However, while I was taking the pictures I had the two braids laid out beside each other and I kind of liked them together. I may either ply them together or do each separately and use them in a stranded/fair isle project. Hmm. I'll have to think on that.
Oops and Oh, that's not bad

Meanwhile, I started on the next batch of Spunky Eclectic FOTM fiber waiting for me:


4 oz hand painted Finn in the colorway "Acadia". I'm already in love. I think this will be mittens.
**Update: I finished plying at 3:30pm! I can't believe that:
It's only about 120 yards (maybe a tad less) and it's approximately an aran weight throughout. I love love love it. I'm going to try mittens, I may need to pair it with some other yarn though.
(I realize there is not a huge difference between these two pictures but I just love this yarn!)

Also: I can't believe I made it through week one of NaBloPoMo without dropping out!! Yay me and my incessant blather! Yay you too! (for reading/commenting and/or for participating also)

OH, and also the 2nd: Thank you to everyone who has been taking part in our poll at He said/She said. It's a lot of fun to read all of the responses.


  1. Nice handspun yarns! The spunky fiber is May 2008 - Rosebud - Corriedale. :)

  2. I am in awe of your spinning mastery. Those are some great looking yarns!


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