Monday, November 10, 2008

"Are you gonna bring me something?"

When I first met the Boy (before he was my the Boy), I would ask him "Are you gonna bring me something?" every time he was getting ready to go on a sales trip or to a trade show. The first time I did that, he brought back a package of coupons from the hotel. Coupons for services available only in the city where the trade show was held. Excellent. Thus began our friendship. I continued to ask him almost every time I knew he was going somewhere and he would sometimes bring me little things from the hotel or the conference.

One time he was going to a trade show in Jasper, Alberta and I asked him "Are you gonna bring me something?" and he asked what he should be bringing me. So I told him "it's Jasper. There are touristy gift shops everywhere!" He brought me this:

Cheesy gifts

They were so touristy bad I loved them dearly. I used the mug at work for a long time. The keychain ... um... it's just hanging on a hook in my entryway.

Moving on.

Last year he went to Las Vegas for a trade show (there really was a trade show) and brought me this mug:

Vegas MugVegas mug

I love it even more than the one from Jasper! It is so incredibly touristy tacky. I was using it for my coffee for a long time (it's a big mug!) but unfortunately the mug started to crack so I stopped using it. :(

All this nearly pales in comparison with the best thing he's ever brought me from a sales trip however. He picked this up last week in Nelson, BC. A pound and a half-pound of Oso Negro Coffee!!!!

MMMMMM coffee

I have had this coffee before at a coffee shop/diner/breakfast spot in Bowness (a secret place that you don't want to go to. don't try to find it). It's always so busy there that it's hard to get a table but their breakfast is so good and they serve the BEST coffee... Now I have some for my very own home. MMMMMM.

He's a good the Boy. I think he can stick around.


  1. I am intrigued...a good coffee shop in little Bowness?? I live in Montgomery not far from it the coffee shop just down from the post office/pharmacy? I would love to find a good cup of coffee...I detest Starbucks! Do share where this little gem is....Please???? BTW...I enjoy your blog and you very lucky to have such a good boy!

    Karen (aka Woolewe on Ravlery)


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