Saturday, November 29, 2008

Belated Birthday

My friend Julie was out of town on my birthday (her sister's birthday is the same day so I guess that's okay) so we've been trying to get together to do something to celebrate. So, today we went to the Festival of Crafts (I think that's what it was called) at the Round-Up Center. It was packed, and there were so so so many exhibitors. I got a few things, and got some good ideas for other things I'd like to try. After we left there we went for coffee and Julie gave me my gift. She said "I know you'll like this one" as I opened the first part.

Birthday pendant

Was she ever right! At the craft show there were several stalls selling nearly identical pendants! (She purchased this one while in the States visiting her sister). It is so pretty and exactly what I would have chosen... she always manages to do that!

The second part was bigger. (By the way, I love LOVE multi-part gifts. If you want to make me super happy on a gift giving occasion, give me a bunch of small, not expensive gifts wrapped individually) (not that I'm expecting you to give me gifts... you CAN if you want, but... you know) She said she got it when she visited Nova Scotia in the fall.

birthday vase

Again, how beautiful is this vase? It's about 4 inches high or so. I love it.

A belated birthday celebration is just fine by me when I get to spend the day with my good friend... and of course when there are such pretty things awaiting me! Thanks Julie!!

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