Monday, November 03, 2008

Ask the Internet

Yesterday morning I woke up at 8:15 after a good night's sleep. Got up, made coffee, sat down at my computer with my orange juice and realized it was actually 7:15! I forgot about the time change! It was like a vacation... an extra hour to read in bed with my coffee...

Then, the Boy called and we went for breakfast/brunch. We quickly got into our usual argument. We don't really ever fight but we do argue a lot. Over very very important issues like: Where did the Calgary Flames get their name? or Was the movie Hollywoodland based on true events? We have a current on-going argument over brownies. He feels that I've been misleading with my question (we decided to start asking people) but I think he's just wrong. So I told him I was going to put a poll on my blog. He responded that we wouldn't get an accurate response because (and, you can be mad at him for this) only "old ladies" read it. (Yes. I know. He was kidding but still. Be mad at him, not me).

So he decided that he was going to start a website to ask the question. I suggested that we could co-author a blog and have the internet help us resolve our arguments. Google is our usual go-to for argument resolution, so why not take it a step further and actually poll the internet?!

So, if you would like to vote in our poll and humor us, you can do so: He Said/She Said. It will probably be a once-a-week thing. I'm sure it will be thrilling. You won't want to miss it.

Any suggestions for free-poll or statistics gathering gadgets? Let me know. For now we're going with the blogger gadget on the sidebar but I kind of would like to imbed it in the post (and I'm not currently smart enough to figure that out).


  1. I only know of

    Good luck! For the record, I prefer no frosting on my brownies.

  2. I was going to get huffy with him, but then I thought "41, arthritic toe, signs of being perimenopausal" - hmm, OK, perhaps I am an old lady :-(


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