Monday, May 30, 2005

time to fess up

So far i have posted pics of finished objects. I feel that in the interest of full disclosure I should come clean, lest you, my reading public, get the impression that I am a fast knitter or an avid completer (?) of projects.

Yes, I have completed projects. However, I have far more unfinished projects. So, today, I present:

(insert space-movie theme here)

The U.F.O.s

Wrapped lace cardigan from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005.
Yarn: recycled yarn from a sweater my mom gave me for the purpose of recycling. Fibre content: some cotton, ramie (?) and who knows what else. I lost the content tag.
Cast on: The day I got the magazine. Whenever that was. A long time ago.

See that? I have about 2 inches left to do on the back. Why don't I finish it? Who knows.

What's that? You'd like a close up? Oh, okay.

Let's move on, shall we?

Tank. Free pattern from Chicknits
Yarn: Bernat cotton.
Cast on: January? who knows.

It looks complete, doesn't it? Looks can be deceiving. I did too many decreases for the arms and it needs to be fixed. It would be pretty simple to fix, just ripback to the start of the decreases, but I haven't done that. Why? Well, there are just so many other projects to cast on and, er, not complete.

Tank 2. Free pattern from Chicknits
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa: Millefili Fine
Cast on: February possibly.

It, too, looks complete, but it lies. lies lies lies. It lied to me while I was knitting it. "I will so love you and behave and fit you well and you will be cool and comfortable and stylish." Lies. Need proof?

see that neck opening?

yup. 6 inches across. I will NOT be able to get that over my head.

Can you hear the far off ripping sounds?

Lace Leaf Pullover pattern by Teva Durham in the Summer IWK
Yarn: Recycled from a turtleneck I loved but never wore (can't deal with turtlenecks)
Cast on: April.

Hmm. That looks complete. What are you talking about Lori? This pattern was really interesting. The bottom is knit in the round to the middle, then the top is knit in the round to the middle where they are grafted together. The sleeves are knit separately (duh) and then grafted and sewn in. well, here comes the honesty:

The body and sleeve were knit in about a day and a half. The second sleeve:

has about 15 inches done. Why is it not finished? Again, I don't know. I just peetered out and put it down. I seem to be easily distracted.

Soleil from Knitty
Yarn: TLC CottonPlus in Kiwi
Cast on: April sometime.

close up of lace trim

I was going to frog this, since it seemed to be too narrow (ie tight) but I put it on waste yarn and tried it on and it seems like it will fit just right. So, we press on.

Yarn Girls Tank from the IWK website
Yarn: RedHeart Cotton Twist that I dyed. Only parts of the yarn dyed so it has a ragg kind of appearance.
Cast on: May

WAY too wide. Why is it that i am SO bad at figuring out my size? I swatched for this!! It would fit 1 1/2 of me. Maybe I am smaller now than I was 2 weeks ago? who knows. FROGGIT!

Lace poncho-- no pattern, just a loose idea
Yarn: Patons Brilliant in Crystal Cream
Cast on: Last week.

I discovered a MASSIVE mistake after about 5 inches. FROGGIT (Frogged, actually)

Lace/net poncho -- got the idea from a book that I don't own... :)
Yarn: Patons Brilliant in Crystal Cream
Cast on: the day I frogged the above.

really dark pic!

So, what is the deal with these ponchos? I don't really like ponchos that much. I don't wear them.

My mom asked me to make her one. She has a couple of weddings to attend and wanted a poncho to wear with her outfit. She showed me a bunch of ideas, one of which was made with this:

Pretty, no? It SUCKS to work with. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. (sorry if you're a big fan of trellis type yarn)

So, I tried with the Patons brilliant and it is so nice by comparison. We'll see how this turns out.

So, that's about it. Think that's enough? Well.

On Saturday my friend Julie called to say she was going to Gina Brown's (LYS) and did I want to go? Well, let's see. I'm getting kind of low on yarn. (HA) I wasn't going to GET anything. Honest.

it followed me home!!!

I PROMISE I'm not going to cast on with it...

er. It's just a swatch. Honest.

Well, that's it. That's all of my UFOs.

No it's not. I lied.

Yarn: Bernat Sox
Cast on: January!!!

I know that i need to knit socks to have a knit blog. I know that. I'm trying. It's just the needles are SO small and there are so many stitches. Plus this sock is too wide for my foot. (do I sound like I'm rationalizing something?)

Okay. so, there you are. I'm going to hide my head in my yarn stash now.


  1. Lori, I had to laugh at your UFOs. Don't worry about them -- I think I have a couple that are older than yours (like one year old plus). Why don't I finish them? Who knows!

  2. oh man am I glad I'm not alone with my UFOs!! Yours are great and they have deemed a good purpose; to make me not feel guilty about the gazillion I have haunting my closet. Thank you, thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these, it makes me feel silly for feeling bad about having three projects underway!


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