Sunday, May 29, 2005


just a quick post to say aaarrrggghh. (no, i'm not channeling a pirate today).

(psst... come here, I'll hold my hand up and whisper. I don't want the computer to hear me.)

I have all of these pictures in my camera. Pics from my trip to saskatchewan. not terribly exciting but there are kids and dogs and a cat. oh, yes. a cat. you've probably been wondering where i get off having a knitting (etc) blog when i don't even have a CAT! sorry. i know i'm breaking the sacred knitblogger code, but i just am (ehem) not a cat person. I'm sorry. really. can i still have a knit blog? i'll post a picture of my mom's cat. will that help?

where was i? oh, yeah. right. stupid (shh) computer. my computer decided it was NOT talking to my camera. So, hours of therapy and mediation finally resulted in renewed camera-computer communication. It took a lot of patient prodding, but i think they are through the rough patch. plus the camera has a new battery, which i think will add some, er, spark to the relationship. So i was finally able to upload my pics from my camera to my computer (did i mention how aged my computer is? it was built in 1996. Yes. almost 10 years. It's ancient) So, i then tried to export the pics from iphoto to my desktop so that i could upload them to my picture hosting account. but iphoto was feeling very put out by the attention the camera received and felt like it was left out of the decisions made in that relationship, so it was holding the pictures hostage. in the meantime, my computer decided it was tired and shut down. when i finally got it restarted, i had to re-do all of my settings. i think it's early onset alzheimers. the hostage rescue team finally talked iphoto into releasing the pics. it was a long session of negotiations, but it was finally over. all that was left to do was to upload the pics to my picture hosting account. i was able to upload only a couple of the pics when my account was FULL!!!

So, as i said before. aaaarrrrgggh. argh.

so, dear readers. i'm not neglecting you. thank you for commenting and letting me know you are there. it is so encouraging to have people i don't know leave comments on the things i've made!

i'll be back soon, hopefully with pics. cross your fingers

p.s. why WHY can't i get the graphic for the knittyheads ring to load? why?? anyone? help! apparently html or whatever knowledge is needed has escaped me.

thank you.

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