Saturday, May 07, 2005

i don't understand the computer

i spent about an hour this morning trying to change the links on the side (over there. no, there on the right) and it wouldn't change. my changes showed in the gibberish section of the template (i'm almost positive that "gibberish" is the actual technical term) but wouldn't show on the page. i went away. cleaned up the apartment a bit. cast on for a new top. knit about 17 rows, decided that it wasn't going to work, pulled it off the needles. got a flickr account. uploaded some pics of projects i did in the fall and winter. came back here and my changes were there!

i don't understand the computer at all....

i DO understand hockey however. yes. i'm spending my saturday afternoon like any good canadian should: watching canada play sweden in the qualifying round of the world championships. and knitting, which is also be how good canadians should spend their saturdays, but i realize that one will be more difficult to pass off, mostly on the male side of the population.

did i mention in the previous rather lengthy post my near-obsession with certain televised sports? hmm... in the fall, there is (almost) nothing i would rather do on a sunday afternoon than watch football and knit. i have been going through hockey withdrawl this winter (stupid nhl/players/owners/league) so i have been happy now that there is some hockey going on.

in my defense, it is cool-ish and cloudy outside today. i would probably be spending my day outside if it wasn't (no. i wouldn't, i'd be here watching hockey but i WOULD go outside during the intermissions).

but, back to the knitting. at this point in time, i don't have access to a digital camera. i hope to rectify that in the next couple of weeks, but for now, i'll just tell you about what i'm working on. i'll try to post some pics of past efforts in the next couple of days.

Currently on the needles:
-i have most of the back done on the "wrapped lace cardigan" from vogue knitting spring/summer 2005. i started this cardigan when i got the magazine, about a month ago. i find it hard to concentrate on the lace for any length of time so it's slow going. i am knitting it with some yarn i salvaged from a sweater my mom gave me to recycle. it is a really natural looking cotton/acrylic/ramie (if i remember correctly) blend. i don't actually know what "ramie" is, but the yarn is soft and feels really nice to work with. it is kind of splitty though and i find myself frustrated more often than i'd like. hence the long knitting time.

-i have about 8 inches done on the "front slit tank" from the yarn girls tanks that i found on the interweave knits website. it can be found here . i am thinking that i will frog this soon, since it's kind of boring at the moment. i'm knitting it in the round instead of flat as called for in the pattern. we'll see.

-the top that i cast on for today (and promptly yanked off the needles) was the "cable eight top" from the spring interweave knits. i am thinking that i would like to make this with the yarn that i'm using for the yarn girls top. i think i'll start it again with the yarn i haven't used for the yarn girls tank and see how i like it.

-i have a partial sock that has been on the needles for a really long time. i love the idea of knitting socks. i love the idea of homemade socks. i just can't get into the teeny yarn and the teeny needles. eventually i will finish this one, i just can't work on it for long at a time. it lives in my bag that i take to work. i have knit on it while stuck in traffic and when i get to work early and there isn't anyone there to let me in. it could be a long time before the sock actually is a sock.

-oh, yeah, i forgot one. last weekend i knit the body and one sleeve of teva durham's "lace leaf pullover" from the summer iwk. fast knit. fun to graft the top to the body. i knit it in yarn that i recycled from a sweater that i had that i never wore because the turtleneck on it bothered me. the second sleeve is STILL only half done. why? who knows. the first 3 pieces went so fast and then i just ran out of steam. maybe it will be done today. i have a feeling, however, that this sweater will not fit me in the shoulder area, so i will probably end up giving it away. sigh.

so, that's what's goin' on 'round here.

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