Friday, June 03, 2005

maybe it's time to get a life. or something.

Evidence of my needing a life/compulsive crafting abounds. The following are a mere smidgen of the examples that could be brought to light.

-I don't know about you, but often when I get the idea for something I want to make, I am in the WORST possible place. For instance, yesterday morning, I saw the Bellflower Rug on CrochetMe and realized that all of those t-shirts that I have that are too crappy to send to the Salvation Army (really, if it's too worn out for me to wear it, I don't want to presume that anyone else would want to wear them... right?) could be over-dyed in a common color to make them go together for my rug that I'm starting. I wasn't planning to crochet it, I was going to do mitred garter stitch squares, but now that I've seen this rug, I might change my mind. ANYWAY, So all day yesterday, I was thinking about this rug. All day.

-The shipping guy here at work was throwing away chunks of segmented foam (ie a block of foam with pre-cut segments so that you can make it fit the instrument exactly. We ship a lot of expensive instruments and need snug fitting cases). I told him that we could use the foam and he said "for what?" I said that he could use it in shipping, or the segments (about 1/2" square by 3" tall) could be used for painting, or for a bunch of other uses. For example, if you leave the segments together, a block of them could be a pen holder, or it could be used for flower arrangements (the guys were ALL on board with that one... ha). About 10 minutes later, I suddenly had an idea. I took a 4 segment square chunk of the foam and made this:

****LORI**** insert pic here

-In one of my first posts, I showed you all the mini sweaters I made for my friend's daughter's toy bunny. What I didn't mention was that I came up with the idea to do the duplicate stitch duck on the one after I was already in bed half-asleep. Now, that's not too unusual. But, I got up and did it then and there. Yes, yes I did. Could it have waited? Yes. Did it? No.

Right now, I'm fully distracted by Craftster's Challenge. If you Craftsters out there haven't checked out this section of the boards, you should. The first challenge produced such interesting stuff!

Right now my bank account will ONLY be able to sustain a Value Village/Sally Ann/MCC type crafting binge. So guess what I'm doin' this weekend???

hee hee

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