Monday, May 09, 2005

Do I have crafter's ADD?

Yes, I think I do. I have no less than 4 projects on needles right now. I have a couple of projects I want to sew. So what did I do this evening? I realized that I hadn't put the mehndi (henna) I mixed up on Saturday into cones yet, so I did. Then, of course, I couldn't just LEAVE it... (plus "Monsoon Wedding" had just started on CBC...)
So, I mehndi'd my feet.

Then I mehnd'd my hand.

Then, as soon as the mehndi on my hand was set,


I'm so impatient! Luckily my palms take color really quickly with mehndi so I think it will still be fairly good. It just made me realize why I don't really mehndi my hands much anymore! I can't NOT KNIT for hours and hours at a time! it looks dark in the photo but it's really a light orange. by tomorrow morning it should be a deep brown instead of the bright orange it is right now...

I have come to realize that this blog/digital camera combination is bringing out the chatty cathy and the "look at me" side of me that doesn't come out that often! I could easily go weeks without NEEDING to speak to anyone, not that i would avoid people really, just that if there was no one around, i wouldn't go crazy not talking to anyone. But, give me a chance to write endlessly about whatever i feel like, and give me a means to illustrate it, ... yikes. somebody shut her up!

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