Thursday, May 05, 2005

oh no, not another one...

yes. another blog. yes. another blog that may possibly ... er... WILL contain knitting. yes. another blog in which the blogger will write about stuff that annoys her, stuff that she finds funny, stuff that she's made, stuff that is going on, and maybe one day when the blogger has enough money to buy a digital camera, another blog that will likely be picture heavy.


i am hoping that this will motivate me to write more often and hopefully not just to whine about the annoying guy at work. (although, i'm sure that i will write about that guy because he is really annoying and there are so many stories).

so this post will be a "get to know you (i mean "me")" post.

my name is lori, i live in calgary, alberta. i work in an office and do not have a defined job description so i could be anything from receptionist to invoicing clerk to service coordinator to customer service representative. some days this variety makes my job more interesting, sometimes it just makes it more annoying.

my educational background is in youth ministry. why am i working in an office/service shop? it was a job that pays. i love working with youth but paying jobs in my field are few and far between, with the exception of being a youth pastor in a church, which doesn't really interest me at all.

i have worked in my field, just not in the past few years. i spent just over 2 years in pakistan working in a boarding school as a houseparent. that job was probably the most difficult and most rewarding of my life. i loved the girls i worked with (the senior high girls department) and i loved living in pakistan, but the job was very stressful at times and sometimes the interpersonal "stuff" with other staff made the stress worse than it should have been. in all, i loved that job.

i am a somewhat obsessed knitter. i sew and make all kinds of other stuff as well. i have only recently gotten to the point where i could embrace the term "crafty". it always seemed to me like "crafty" implied making things from kits or the stuff that we "made" in crafts at camp: painted plaster figurines etc. most of the things that i make are made from something else, i.e. i re-use items i find to make other things. i rarely buy new materials to make anything, cutting into "nice" fabric freaks me out. i love to sew things from old sheets, old clothing etc. the only exception to this is the yarn. i love yarn. i would happily go without food to buy the "nice" yarn i drool over, but my pragmatic side doesn't allow this. i am a yarn snob but in weird ways. if fun-fur makes you happy, that's fine. i just can't fathom it in any way for myself. i have no qualms about using acrylic though, so i guess i'm not as snobby as all that. i just don't understand all of the novelty yarn out there.

this is getting long for a first post. this will probably be an omen of things to come. when i was living in pakistan i would write emails about my adventures to my friends and they always turned into REALLY long epistles.

so, for now. thanks for stopping by. if i haven't bored you too much, stop by again. i'll probably have more interesting things to write about some day.

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