Monday, August 18, 2008

Day... uh... 10? Can't keep track...

Too hot...

The temperature onscreen during the 6 oclock news kept fluctuating between 34 & 38 Celsius (93.2 & 100.4 F). There is no cross breeze in my apartment and, as much as I love hot weather, I already have no energy so it's not helping that it's so stinkin' hot.


Watching the replay of the Women's Trampoline final just now, I caught myself bobbing my head and sort of pushing my hand down on the couch a bit, as though I could somehow help the athletes through their tricks... (are they called "tricks"? Whatever they are, it's cool). When I was in elementary school/junior high/high school, we had a trampoline. Everyone else around who had one had a round one, but ours was rectangular. I spent many many many summer days on the trampoline imagining that I was a diver, practicing my flips and pikes and... Back then there wasn't even trampoline in the Olympics, otherwise you can BET I would have been fully convinced I could go and medal!


It was a few days ago that I last showed you progress on my Leftovers Blanket, so here it is as of 6 pm today. I didn't really knit much on it today, since wool blanket + hot weather = lost will to live... (not really, but, yes, really)

Day ...  something progress

I was so scared on the navy round that I was going to run out of yarn. I had about 20 yards leftover in the end! Whew. The third round is narrower, for no reason other than I felt like it. I have lots of this yarn, so that wasn't really a factor, but 6 stitches should go faster than 12, don't you think? Yeah, I hope so.

It's currently about 36" x 42" (to the navy round). I would like it to be useable for me, so I'm going to just keep going until I run out of yarn or out of patience, whichever comes first. I really would like to finish during the olympics but I can see that might not happen. Maybe it's almost time to take an example from Liu Xiang and just walk it off. I'm not giving up, but I'm not going to kill myself to get it done by Friday. Or, maybe I'll just call it done where I end up on Friday and get my badge!


  1. the solid stripes on the outside really bring together the colors of the inside diamonds. it looks really pretty.

  2. I'm glad other people involuntarily twitch when watching sporting events - I do it all the time. As if my foot spasm is going to help them kick off to get all three revolutions done or something.

  3. It looks just fantastic. It reminds me of a dark, stained glass window. Beautiful.


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