Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 6: zzzzzzzzzz

I don't have a picture for you today. Look at yesterday's update picture, add about 6 inches and there you go.

Before the Olympics started I joked about maybe needing to take some sick days during the Olympics (which, had I been thinking about time difference, wouldn't have been necessary anyway). Why WHY didn't I joke about being given a million dollars during the Olympics?

I will be spending most of the next 3 days (if not longer)(hopefully not longer) going back and forth between the couch and my bed. Not sure yet what it is, I had bloodwork done today (whee). The phlebotomist (why WHY do I know that word?) distracted me by asking about what I was knitting (a sock, I'll show you tomorrow if I think of it) and talked about having knitted as a 10 year old. She then distracted me further by showing me a photo of some beautiful eggs that she had painted (and had me wondering why she had the picture in her pocket?)...

So, I'll have lots of time at home but I don't know if I can stay awake enough to knit all that much.

Track & Field starts today (tomorrow? time difference is messing me up) at the Olympics! Yay! For someone who would only run if she were being chased by a rabid dog or someone with a firearm I have a bizarre obsession with track and field. Not as a participant, but as an avid spectator. Just today I remembered that Don Wittman passed away this winter. Anyone who had ever watched any sports on CBC knew his voice as he called so many different major sporting events for that network. Olympic track just won't be the same without him and Geoff Gowan doing the call.

This is kind of a morose post. Sorry. Um. Here, a LOLcat. enjoy:


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