Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 7: So much more exciting than Day 6...

Really, it was! (no it wasn't)

Day 7 progress

Rounded corner #3 of solid round 2. Woo.

I'm also knitting a sock. Well, I mean, it travels with me and I knit on it at lunch sometimes and while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday.

Houdini Sock from Twist Collective
Also terribly exciting at the moment, don't you think? I'm knitting the Houdini Socks from Twist Collective. There are many patterns in this inaugural issue of Twist Collective that I would like to purchase but for now, I'm contenting myself with the free sock pattern offered. So far it's just a normal toe-up sock but I'm interested to get to the Houdini part.

I got my blood work results and I have a "weak positive" for Mono. Yes. The "Kissing Disease" just like a teenager. So awesome. That explains the exhaustion. So, while I'm not sleeping I'll be working on my blanket, but the tiredness is really cutting into my desire to knit which sucks.

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  1. sorry about the mono. i guess we can't make out anymore.


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