Friday, September 29, 2006

Which one should I get?

Okay. Here's my dilemma. The other day, when I was trying the wheel at Make One, I made a deal with myself. I decided that if my quarterly commission/bonus was over X amount, I would get a wheel.

I never know what the commission/bonus will be because the structure for deciding the commission/bonus is never the same twice. Also, what other employees who share in the commission/bonus were told is distinctly different from what I was told. (this is rapidly turning into a story about my work. sorry. Let's just say: this is a pretty good example of the communication at my office)

I just got my pay stub and my commission/bonus is significantly higher than it was last time ("last time" was the X amount mentioned above). So...

Anyone out there with any opinions, reviews, recommendations? I want to go to Shuttleworks on Saturday and test a few out.

What I'm looking for (in rambling, uncohesive format):
I don't want one that is super fancy. I tried both single and double treadle briefly and I could see myself being happy with either. Generally speaking, if I were to buy the first one I tried and that was all I knew, I would be totally happy with it. (Which would mean I should just go back and buy the Louet S17 I tried the other day) I don't have any interest in spinning novelty yarns, I would probably find spinning chunky/bulky yarns interesting once in a while but not all the time.

Thanks for any input you may have!!

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  1. Damn was that amount high enough for both of us?? Oh well, I'll have to live through you. sorry I have no idea about buying a wheel but I'll be listening, so please tell us all about what you learn along the way. I really want to get a wheel someday.


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