Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ribby Cardi Update: BUTTONS!

Wow! Thanks for all the comments and input on the button choice.

Before I go on, I feel that I need to come clean about the extent of my dorkiness and confess that when I realized that Ms. ChicKnits herself commented I squealed a little. Am I the only one who would do that? Do you feel less respect for me now that you know about the extreme dorkiness? Or, (as I hope) does my dorkiness endear me to you like that quirky friend you find amusing?

Okay. Buttons. I was still pretty undecided about the buttons, but the vast majority of opinions voiced were for the pewter-ish. In the end, I decided I liked them too.

I like the way it looks un-buttoned, but I know myself and it would drive me crazy to not have a way to close the cardigan.

(Oh, I forgot, the pattern calls for a 2 row zipper facing, but I decided I wanted to try button bands for this one. The ribbed button band goes all the way up the collar.)

For those who asked, a close up of the lace panel:

Thanks again for all the great input! I'll test-wear this later this week (it's supposed to be chilly by Thursday) but I know already that it will be a staple. Tomorrow I'll show you what I decided to do with the off-white wool I got from Walmart (I changed my mind yet again)...


  1. Ooh, it's beautiful!! I'm glad you picked the pewterish buttons, my vote would have been for them.

  2. Fabulous. I love everything about it - every last thing.

  3. Great sweater. i love the lace panelling addition.

    Regarding the dorkiness, I squealed a little just thinking about how cool it was for you, so I guess I am dorky by association :O) It is always nice to know a fellow knitter, designer appreciates your work.

    Squeal away!

  4. Your Ribby looks terrific and the lace accent is perfect! Great job with the button band too :)

  5. you are amazing. seriously, you make me want to can all my piddling, diffused craft-efforts and just strive to be a capital-k Knitter.

    (plus, belated approval of pewterish buttons)


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