Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New obsession taking hold

I spun the rest of my "practice" fiber on Monday night. I thought about it most of the day (you understand, right?) and suddenly I realized what might have been going on with the pink fiber that caused it to lose a lot of the twist when I plied it. I hadn't really got what was supposed to happen with drafting, and as a result, I had some really dense, tightly spun singles out of the pink stuff. This latest attempt is almost exactly what I had been going for. It's about 17 wpi, but it's not completely even, and it's approximately 31 yards. It's not heavy enough to tip my kitchen scale so I'm not sure what the weight is. Obviously not that much.

I can't wait to spin more. Must finish something else first. Must knit.


  1. wow your a natural! come to the spinning forums :)


  2. that looks really really good. Isn't it horribly addicting? Just one more good addiction, right?


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