Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lace Sleeved Ribby Cardi... FINALLY

Pattern: Modified from ChicKnits' Ribby Cardi
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus

I kind of stalled out in the middle on this one. I really like how it turned out though. The lace panel on the sleeves is "Cascading Leaves" from my Reader's Digest (really long name I don't feel like looking up or typing out right now) Stitch Book.

The whole sweater was pretty straight forward (this is the 5th one I've made...). I knit it in one piece (the pattern is in pieces) but other than that, (and the lace) I followed the pattern. Well, except for the fact that I messed up the decreases on the sleeves (caught it in time to make it work) and the fact that I did this:

when I started the collar. Not sure what was going on in my brain when I did that. For a while I thought I would just leave it, but it was driving me crazy. So, I did this:

Using a crochet hook I went down to the flubbed row and re-set the stitches up to the needles. For each one. Yes. I may be a little obsessed.

Truth be told, the sweater isn't really totally complete. I need to sew on the buttons. But first, I need to decide which buttons to use. I need your help. Which button? At this point, I have no strong preference either way. Opinions?

(The color of this yarn is really hard to photograph for some reason. It's closer to the pictures of the messed up stitches.)

Option 1 - "Pewter-ish" (I have no idea what to call it.)

Option 2 - "Clear-ish Blue"


  1. The lace sleeves are such a good idea!! They make the sweater really stand out from the other ribby cardis I've seen. Anyway, I voted already on craftster, but I'm going to chime in for the pewter buttons once again :-)

  2. It looks beautiful! I would vote for option 1.

  3. great sweater! i vote for button #1

  4. The sweater looks great. I vote for button #1 too.

  5. I say Option 1 the "Pewter-ish" one.

  6. Love the sweater! What's the lace pattern on the sleeve?

    I'll add my vote for Option 1.

  7. Duh. I just saw that you already mentioned what the lace pattern is. Any chance of a close-up?

  8. I vote for pewter. I love pewter buttons on anything, but especially on blue knitted things. :P

  9. I'm with everyong else on the pewter. Very nice cardi. Would love to see a close up on the sleeve detail. Once again another wonderful finished project from the knitting wiz.

  10. Definitely the pewterish buttons. I love the sweater. I've had the ribby pattern for awhile and haven't got around to knitting even one yet, but yours is inspiring me to put it on the fall list.

  11. OOOHLaLa! I curtsey and BOW to the Ribby Goodness you've created AGAIN! BRAVA! m'lady - I think the color is just fabulous on you, too.

    (If I can vote, I vote for Pewter!)

  12. Oh I love your ribby!! That lace down the sleeve is sooo perfect. I bought the same color wool which is just waiting to turn into my first ribby. We'll see when I get to it-I hope soon. Can you tell I'm trying to catch up on some blog reading?


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