Saturday, September 23, 2006

I still knit. Honest.

I did some more spinning last night, from some roving I picked up at my LYS. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure it was meant for spinning, as it was a bit lumpy in places. I split it in 3 and dyed it with some random dye I had around. When I spun it, I pre-drafted (I'm trying to learn my terminology. I think that's right) small sections and alternated colors. This is half of what I have dyed:

I'm pretty happy with it, although I haven't tried knitting with it. It's fairly even, but obviously not completely so... I think I'll use if for some fingerless mittens or something. The skein above there is 1oz and approximately 63 yards. I'll have to see what kind of gauge I get.

I'm already thinking about trying to find a place to learn on a wheel. Then I'll end up needing to find a wheel!

Yes. Let the obsession begin.

It's sunny today! And warm(ish)!! And so I started on my sister-in-law's heavy wool sweater/jacket!!

The pattern is from another aunt who was cleaning out some stuff from years ago. It was published in the late 60s (I think) and shaped much like the Siwash or Cowichan sweaters (and uses the same yarn) but has this zig-zag pattern rather than the traditional Native patterns. After trying to find a pattern for a year or so (okay, fine... I didn't look THAT hard, I just thought about it now and then...) suddenly I find myself with 4 vintage patterns from my family!

I plan to make one for myself from one of the other patterns, but that will wait until I'm allowed to buy yarn for myself.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished jacket. That's the sort of project that makes my mouth water!

  2. Great yarn! Hey, when you get your wheel, would you send me one too? ;) I also love that pattern.

  3. You're doing a wonderful job at spinning! The fiber probably was meant for spinning but likely for a textured yearn. I'm always surprised when I start spinning and there are chunks and lumps in the middle too.


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