Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

What did I do for New Year's Eve, you ask? Well, I watched Canada beat the US (sorry American friends) at the World Juniors, then I watched Calgary beat Edmonton (not as sorry Edmontonian friends/family), then I got sucked back into trying to get caught up with 24. I'm midway through season 3. I went to get disc 4-6 at the video store and disc 6 was gone! not due back until the 7th!! There's no TIME!!!

Okay. So, you can tell I'm the party-girl of the decade, right? (I did have an invite to a friend's house but they had so many cancellations they decided to just watch movies, so I didn't end up going up there).

What else did I do?

I overdyed the thick and thin. It got a bit darker than I meant it to but I am happy with the result. Much more "me" coloring.

See my self-control? I didn't immediately cast on for the toque that this is destined to become. No, I knit a swatch this morning but I resisted the urge to just knit the toque. Birthday knitting takes priority!

This afternoon I get to have another turkey dinner at my friends house. So, question:
Is it bad form to bring the birthday knitting to the turkey dinner?
Expanded question:
Is it bad form to bring the birthday knitting to the turkey dinner cooked/hosted by the intended recipient of the birthday knitting who isn't necessarily aware that there is/will be birthday knitting?


  1. Your dye job turned out great! Those are super colors.
    Go ahead and bring your knitting. She'll see how much work goes into it when you knit all night.

  2. I love the over dying you did! That color is dramatic & bold!! Very cool!

  3. i don't think that it is bad form at all--i would do it...and probably ruin the Birthday suprise by sporadically giggling through out the turkey dinner at how i was getting one over on the recipient. *shrug*


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