Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Tomorrow evening, I, Lori, a rather shy and introverted knitter, will venture out from my hermit cave apartment and attend a Stitch and Bitch evening. (Crowd roars in background). Heather, a fellow Calgarian and knitter, suggested that we should both go, since we are both so shy and there is safety in numbers (even though I haven't actually MET Heather, we bloggers/commenters can stick together... right?). Rumour (Canadian spelling, eh?) has it that Morgan might be there too...

I'll let you know how it goes. I'm a bit nervous about it, what with the whole crazy shyness thing. I have a tendency to either clam up and not say a word or I turn into the crazy talker lady. You know, that chick who just can't seem to stop talking? I'll be thinking "Stop talking now! Are you still talking? What are you talking about? STOP TALKING!!" It happens. It's not pretty.

I started to feel a bit panicky about it yesterday (yes, i am stressing this much about going to a group of knitters. yes, i realize this is not necessarily healthy or normal. yes, if i stress this much about this it implies a far greater and more neurotic level of stress for other social type outings... i'm working on it.) but then I started thinking about what I would bring to knit and the panic drifted away. Ah, yarn. Your curative powers are boundless. The thought that I will have knitting with me has eased much of the potential panic for me. If I feel out of place or nervous, I can knit on the cable front for my cardigan. If I feel chatty (hopefully not TOO chatty) I can knit on the ribbed back of the cardigan.

Speaking of yarn:

I love these socks. I'm just past the heel turn on the second one. Does anyone else get SO excited over having the stripes match up? I mean, I'll wear fraternal twin socks, but when they match up, it feels like I have accomplished something great!



  1. Don't worry, Lori ... go and have a good time. Well, I have to confess I haven't taken part in any knitters' gathering myself ... and most probably I'd be as nervous as you are. But what the hell, you won't know whether it would be good if you don't go at all. So, go go go! ;)

  2. Lori, I promise. I don't bite. I am a bit shy in an extroverted way! I have been trying to go to this SnB for months! We'll have fun. Promise. We'll knit, drink some tea and just be one with the yarn!

  3. I don't think there's anything weird about feeling nervous. I've checked and rechecked and rechecked my bus schedule. Talk or don't talk (I can ramble with the best of them!)...don't worry! We'll be fine. I'm so glad you and Morgan are coming. I wouldn't have gone by myself, that's for sure!

    See you tomorrow!

  4. Have a fun time, I'm not worried at all-you'll do fine.

  5. Your socks look FABULOUS! I'm only on my first pair of socks, a plain affair, but I am hooked, and that Jaywalker pattern is next on my list. I even have the yarn for it. Try not to worry about the event. I have a fair amount of social fears as well, and my therapist (not my regular one, but the one for behavior mod for panic attacks, see? I have two therapists) suggests breathing. I know it sounds simple, but there is no terrible thing that's going to happen, so just breathe through it.


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