Saturday, January 28, 2006

Breaking the law and getting away with it.

Well, friends, I finished the v-neck:

I thought I'd show you the good news before I tell you how I did it.

I started the ball of the darker alpaca I got from the LYS in hopes that it could work. This is what I saw:

The yarn on the left is the working yarn from the sweater. Not only is the yarn on the right darker, but it is a much finer gauge. This was not obvious in the yarn store. I don't know why.


Then, on one more rummage through the stash i found this:

I don't know which yarn is which in this picture. I'm not going to tell you what the yarn from the stash is, as I'm pretty sure that using it in conjunction with the alpaca breaks some sort of knitting laws. (Are there knitting kosher laws?)

I wet-blocked the sweater:


However, dry, it's not that noticeable.

I want to wear this sweater every day. It's a bit itchy at first, but it is so soft and so comfortable... No one would would find that strange, right?

(did anyone notice how SHORT this post is? I didn't go on and on and on? )

I'm trying to distract myself lest I "train" more for my Olympic knitting. I am working on a dorky secret Olympic related project, which I'll share when it's done. (cause I don't have enough knitting to do).

Until then, I'm off to watch pre-Olympic ski-racing. All part of my training.


  1. That looks really good. Leave it to you to find a great way to fix it! I won't tell anyone about your little secret. ;)

  2. Lovely sweater ... wonderful solution ... I can't see the difference at all!


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