Friday, January 13, 2006

My hair has a mind of its own

Seriously. As in: It thinks for itself and can recognize when it is in danger. As in: It knows I am thinking about cutting it.

My hair is long. Not: "stylishly done-painstakingly grown out and lovingly maintained-long". It's more: "I can't be bothered to get my hair cut and this is easier than trying to maintain a cool shorter haircut-long". However, it is now at that point where it's starting to annoy me. This is usually the point at which I get it trimmed. It doesn't happen that often, which is why it's long.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I decided that I would go get it cut on my way home tonight. Usually when I do my hair (do my hair=briefly dry it without any real thought as to styling) it looks okay for about 2 hours. Then, because it is so long, it starts to flatten itself to my head. It doesn't seem to matter if I use "volumizing" hair products, it will flatten itself to my scalp until it looks like it was painted on (slight exaggeration).

So anyway, I decided that I would get it cut tonight because of the flattening thing. Well, here's why I think my hair has a mind of its own (aside from the fact that it just does whatever it wants to do most of the time with little regard for my intentions): It hasn't flattened out. It's now noon and it looks pretty much like it did when I got in my car this morning. It's like my hair knows that it's about to be cut and is trying to convince me not to do it!

Or maybe I just think about strange things while I'm swamped with work.

Either way.

In other news (yes the impending haircut and my hair's ability to defend itself count as news), I finished my version of Knitty's Blackberry. I'll take/post pics tomorrow when I can get them in the daylight.

To anyone in the Calgary area, I'm not going to mention the Chinook today because then I will be blamed for the snowstorm we'll probably get tomorrow.

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  1. :-) That sounds exactly like my hair! Instead of making a messy bun-ish thing in the back, I've been wearing it down every few days lately, and everyone's acting all surprised, they had no idea my hair was this long. But I simply can't be bothered with it and I HATE going to hairdressers. Traumatic visits in my youth, including unwanted BANGS! AAH! I'm still not over it!;-)


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