Saturday, December 31, 2005

"What's the situation on the mittens?" "I'm on it!!!"

Okay. Maybe my plan of trying to watch ALL of season 3 of "24" this week is producing some strange urgency and the desire to constantly provide updates and maybe also the urge to ask people who they work for and to have a cliffhanger every hour on the hour....

I thought I'd show you something funny. Not really "Funny Haha" more "Funny want to curl up in the corner rocking and humming tunelessly".

Yes, that is mitten number 2. Yes, that is the thumb 4 rounds from completion. Yes, that is the end of the yarn.

Some frantic searching turned up a 1 meter (approximately) scrap of this yarn. I knit on. I finished the thumb. I had this much yarn left:

5 inches. Just enough to close the thumb and weave in the end. 5 (FIVE!!!!) inches!!!!


So, here they are.

I can't believe how closely they match. They are almost identical. I made NO effort to get the yarn to start in the same place in the colors b/c I didn't think that it would work since I was using 2 strands. Magic!

This is the last Christmas present so:
"NOW can I knit on the Clapotis??? (imagine whiny child's voice). What's that? I should knit the birthday present that is to be given this week? What? Okay, Fine. I'll knit the birthday present. But THEN can I knit on the Clapotis??? "


  1. LOL...those are definitely '24' minutes. Instead of 'who are you working for?!?!' you can shout 'how much yarn is left, dammit!?!?!'

    And then run around brandishing your knitting needles. :)

    Mittens look great.

  2. Whoa, not bad how identical those mittens are! They really look great. I'm toying with the idea of a clapotis myself, what yarn are you using? I never really liked them, but in my knitting group one of the girls had one for me to try on and they really are nice to wear. I now need one. I have just casted on socks and a sweater but like you I'm a distractable and need something else to keep me off track.

  3. Kimberly: You DO need one!!!

    I'm using the Araucania Nature Wool for the Clapotis. I never thought I needed one until I made the bright green one. When I knit that one it was more just as an experiment, not really thinking it would be something that I would use a lot, and I had thought I might just give it away. But I've been using it as a scarf and I love it! I'm trying to decide how wide to make my next one. I don't know if I want it to be full width.

  4. WHOA, close call with those mittens!!! I'm afraid that is going to happen some day too, especially now that I am determined to use up some stash!

    Happy New Year! I'm glad to see someone else is a party animal (we stayed in and watched movies, and I crafted A LOT).


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