Friday, January 20, 2006

Does this make me a bad person?

I just talked to a man whose English was, ehem, let's just say the English: Not so much. As near as I could make out, he was calling on behalf of some sort of charity. What he said was (this is word for word: not exaggerated at all. trust me): "We are raising funds to fight the kids with cancer." I said "You are fighting the kids with cancer?" and he said "Yes, absolutely." I said "Don't you mean you are raising money to fight cancer? And the money will be for children with cancer?" He said "Um..." (sound of pages shuffling) and then he hung up.

I was perfectly willing to hear him out, Engrish or not, but when he said that, I just couldn't resist.


So, it sounds like bad haircut stories strike a chord! Thanks for your encouragement. It's not so bad, it's just not what I was expecting! Have you ever reached for a glass of juice without looking and taken a sip but what you're drinking tastes bad because you are expecting juice but what you got was water? It doesn't really taste bad, it just shocks you because it's not what you thought you were getting. It's like that. Plus my hair takes its jolly time getting used to a new length (seeing as how it has a mind of its own and all...) I meant to take a picture of the before, but I forgot, so just showing the after doesn't have the same effect...

I have knitting to show you (such a show-off... sorry), but I'll wait until tomorrow when there is daylight.

I need an opinion, knit-blogging friends: (or anyone who happens by, knitter or not). What is the blog-etiquette for responding to comments? Is it appropriate to just mention the comment in a later post? Should I go to the commentors blog and comment there? Should I try to find a way to have email addresses including with comments so I can reply that way? I really appreciate all the comments and I try to visit everyone's blog to see what you're up to.



  1. ya know, you have to keep those kids with cancer in line...oh my oh my.
    as far as blog ettiquette and responding to comments, i try to either post something back to a blog or just mention it in a future post.

  2. I try to answer every comment with a response. Sometimes it takes a while but I do my best. I get a bit spiffed (new word?) when I leave comment after comment and no one acknowledges that I was ever there. Of course, if you leave comments on someone else's blog that should suffice. Hope it helps. :)

  3. I think if you answer in another post it's fine or just comment to their comment.

    I like emailing all the commenters when I have their email address. I have made some really great friends that way.

    Oh & the kids with cancer, classic! You shouldn't feel bad about it at ALL!!

  4. I email back, too - because I discovered that people tend to come back to read more if I reply. I also found some truly great blocks by checking out their blogs.

    Do you go to the Calgary Stich n' Bitch in Kensington? I haven't yet, but if I knew somebody there, I might.


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