Friday, December 30, 2005

yeah, 'cuz i need more...

Our office decided to close at noon today, so I had an unexpected afternoon off! I decided that I would spend the afternoon doing "chores" (are they chores if you are the only person who lives there and it is no one but you demanding that they be done?). On the way home I decided to stop off at my LYS, Gina Brown's (if I had looked at the link there earlier in the week, I would have gone earlier in the week, but I digress).

I intended to pick up some wool wash and THAT'S IT (I really really really meant it. really)

But I walked in and realized they were having a Boxing Week sale!
So, then I thought maybe I would just have a look around. Still intending to just buy the wool wash.

But then I saw this. Araucania Nature Wool in exactly the shades that I wanted to make myself a clapotis. I love the bright green one, but it is awfully bright. and green.
So then, that was going to be it. Just the wool wash and the yarn for the clapotis. Then I saw that there were sale signs over in the section where the discounted yarn is. I just thought I would have a look and see what they had there. I almost picked up some Rowan Calmer to try Shedir from Knitty's special edition last October. It was on sale but they only had 3 shades, none of which were what I wanted. But it was tempting. I used self-control and moved on. But then I saw

Schachenmayr Only Stretch, which seemed similar enough to possibly sub for Shedir (one for a friend in the states, possibly one for me...)
Okay, so my original plan was not being strictly adhered to, but I was gonna make it out the door. I only had to get past the sock yarn

Okay. FINE. I caved. Sisu Fantasy in some cool blue shades. I am not sure how this will pattern, but that's half the fun of the sock for me (when knit with self patterning yarn, of course. In solids it's not as big of a mystery)

(The above yarn choices should possibly reveal something about me and my color preferences... they all kind of go together...)

So, I got home and the yarn is just LOOKING at me. "Cast on for me FIRST" the Nature Yarn called out. "NO, ME!" the Only Stretch shouted. "I'm for someone else and you should try to work on me first. Besides, you've already made a clapotis. I will be a challenge." The Sisu sat quietly, knowing that as soon as the sock that is currently in progress on my teeny tiny circular needle was finished I would cast on for a sock using him.

But reason reared it's head.

"Does this look like a pair of mittens and a scarf to you?" Reason demanded. "The last time we saw her your friend had 2 hands. She may prefer to have 2 mittens. You need to finish US first!"

Stupid Reason. Why does he always have to speak up??

However, Duty (or whatever we want to call it) is louder than all of them.

and no, i don't plan to make it a habit to photograph my cleaning supplies. i just picked this up on the way home and it was sitting there, demanding that i keep my promise to use it when i got home.

btw: I realize that to any muggles (non-knitters) reading this, the thought that the yarn is talking to me is at best absurd, if not a sure sign that i need some sort of professional help. you knitters will understand though, right?

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  1. I'd like to reassure you that you are not insane, but I have yarn, fabric, thread, glue,.... that talks to me, too. I'm not quite sure that's normal. Keep in mind, not everyone knows about this. ;)


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