Thursday, December 29, 2005

unexpected happiness (or: I really AM a big dork!)

These have nothing to do with the title, nor the content of this post. I just thought I'd show you because they're cute. I made a ton (at least a dozen) of these a couple of years ago. I don't remember where I got the idea from, but it's just a (clean) ankle sock turned inside out (so it's fuzzy) and stuffed. Then you tie off a lump for the head, stitch on a baby sock (awwwww...) for a toque and embellish with eyes and craft pom poms. The scarves are a strip of remnant fleece. My mom had found this when she was moving (or maybe she had them in with her Christmas decorations. I don't know) and had them in the room I stay in at her house. Awww....

I have been working a LOT of overtime and have been happy with the paychecks, even though it meant I was TIRED and possibly CRANKY a lot. I had decided that I would save as much of the overtime pay as I could and try to get a new computer. I anticipated that this would take place sometime in the spring. Then, last week, my company surprised us all with a really unexpected (and frankly larger than we would ever have hoped) year end bonus. So, the schedule for saving up for a new computer jumped ahead a few months, and, thanks to Boxing Day sales...

(and, because I really AM a big dork, I thought I'd show you. And write a little story. And prove beyond a shadow of doubt... you know... Dork)

Tuesday evening, my geriatric PowerBook was resting in his usual place.

He didn't seem to have any clue that his world is soon to change.

He noticed someone on the desk with him. "Who's there?" he croaked. "What are you doing here? Crazy kids with their fast processor speed and gigantic hard drives. All speed these days. No one wants to take their time anymore. That puts me in mind of the time..." he trailed off as he drifted off to sleep.

Before the old PowerBook could even shake his walking stick at the young whippersnapper quick new iBook, the young whippersnapper quick new iBook had taken his place on the desk. While the new iBook respected the old PowerBook's years of service, it really was time for someone younger to take over. The old PowerBook shrugged and shuffled off to the retirement home, where he plans to play scrabble and take lots of naps.

So, why did I put you through this? I keep forgetting that I am now... wait for it... able to upload pictures and post from home!!!! (I can also comment on your blogs, so i'll try to get better at that. Hi!)

So, in the spirit of suddenly realizing that I can post from home: My FIRST EVER in-progress knitting pics that will be posted within an hour of taking the picture!!!! (I KNOW!!! It's so exciting!!!)

I do not like using dpns. I CAN use dpns, I just don't like it. Why? I seem to have some sort of mental block or something when it comes to doing a purl stitch at the start or the end of a needle on dpns! I suddenly am fumbling and i drop stitches and I just can't do it. (okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration. I can do it. It's just really awkward and I try to avoid it whenever possible) So, the mitten above is still at the cuff stage, but happily, it is DONE the cuff stage and will soon be on to the straight stocking stitch (i.e. knit EVERY round!!) stage, which I can totally handle!

Multidirectional scarf. Another knitblogger required knit. Also, so fun to knit! It looks like so much more than just garter stitch!

This is the LAST Christmas knitting!!! I knew before Christmas that I wouldn't see the recipient of these until after Christmas, so I didn't stress about them last week.

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  1. From one dork to another: HI! Oh I'm so happy you have a young friend to share your apartment with. I hope he puts the toilet seat down when he's done. Great, usually when someone has a new friend they don't visit as much, how great is it when you visit more because you have a new friend!


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