Monday, September 26, 2005

Progress Report

Pictures!! Yay!!

I decided that yesterday was going to be "BABY PROJECT FINISHING DAY". (It was also "Watch Football All Afternoon and ignore the fact that this little bit of a sniffle is actually going to be a really bad cold Day")

Finished: Teeny Tiny Hoodies
Pattern: Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2002
Yarn: Double strand of Peter Pan (?) 4 ply & DK weight acrylic (so soft...)
I downsized the pattern by knitting with a finer weight yarn and smaller needles. I hope they fit! (I get to see the babies this weekend, if the cold I have doesn't keep me from going.)

They still need buttons, but I'm calling them done.

Almost finished: Camo Cargo Pants
I have both pairs just about done, but I only have a picture of one pair. Use your imaginations: The second pair is blue/white camoflage
Pattern: Cargo from the Summer 2005 Knitty
Yarn: Bernat Camoflage in "Mash" (I think. I don't have the ball bands anymore) and in "Blue Frost"

I just need to insert the elastic in this pair. The other pair needs the waistband sewn down and the elastic inserted.

Finished: Earflap Toques
I had made these a few years ago for my friend Cobi's twins, but by the time I had them done, the babies were too big and the toques were too small. So, I suddenly remembered them the other day, dug them out from their hiding places and they will be on their way to the new twins in my life.
Pattern: I downsized an adult pattern from Jennifer Appleby at the Woolen Earth in Vanderhoof, BC that Cobi gave me for Christmas one year. I knit them using much finer weight yarn and smaller needles than what the pattern called for and they turned out baby sized.
Yarn: Probably Red Heart or something. Acrylic. Luckily it softened considerably with washing.

Finished: Cabled Toque
Pattern: Inspired by Knitty's Coronet, but I didn't use the pattern (I actually didn't look at the pattern). I wanted to see if I could do this without, and if I can make enough of them I would like to try to sell them at a craft show.
Yarn: Recycled from a pure wool sweater from Value Village. Dyed rather haphazardly with some sort of cheap-o dye.

I didn't pick up the stitches very evenly, and I should have done more rounds before the decreases, but I like how it looks. I think these would be a good way to use up stash.

Finished: Sock
Mostly, I just really love the colors of this sock. For me. ME ME ME ME ME. ehem.
Pattern: none. Basic top down with short row heel & toe.
Yarn: OnLine Supersocke 101

Completed-ish: Cabled Cardigan
Before I show you the completed cardigan, I'll show you a picture that made my heart stop and caused some swearing:

On the needles there is the bottom of the body. It's about 7 inches. I needed at least 14 inches. The yarn in balls that you see there... I had a massive panic because I thought that was all I had left. (insert swearing here)

Luckily, I had lots more squirreled away in the stash basket.

Pattern: Um. None. I used a Cropped Cabled Cardigan from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 as an inspiration. I used the cables in the pattern, but didn't work as many repeats of the pattern. I also moved the cable band from the top of the body to the bottom. Then, I joined the sleeves to the body and knit it using raglan decreases.
Yarn: Katia Twist. It has been in time out in my stash for some time.

This cardigan is in a try-out phase. It has to prove itself. I am not sure that I like how it fits. I need to put on the toggle buttons and see how I like it if I wear it for a while. Considering that I didn't use a pattern and didn't really plan it out ahead of time, I guess it could have been worse. I, um, forgot to do any shaping for the neck, and the body is too wide under the arms (not horrifyingly so, but just enough) and I wish I had made the sleeves a bit longer... Oh well.

I'll post a pick of it in action soon.


  1. oh where do I start? You are were soo busy and I love the baby things. If I had twins would you knit for me too? Please?? Well, don't worry we're not planning anymore kids.
    Your sweater looks great! Love the design. I fell in love with that sweater, or at least his brother, in Vogue and I love what you did with it. I'd like to see it on. Go, girl, go!

  2. Those baby hoodies are just precious. And those cargo pants and earflap sweet!! Makes me wish I had twins just so I could dress them up in those outfits. (*Note to all Higher Powers that be- I'm merely speaking figuratively, and in fact, am not requesting anything of the sort*) :) Love the socks and the coronet, and I especially love the cardigan!! Such beautiful work- I especially like the cables on the bottom. I'm so inspired!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those camo cargo pants! They are so sweet. And I am truly impressed with your cabled no pattern sweater!

  4. You have been BUSY! I have never seen a cuter pair of pants! I hope its okay - I tagged you! I'd love to find out more about your life outside the US. You can find the questions at . If you've answered them all before, just direct me to the link!

  5. i love the little tiny baby hats...there's a baby boy i should be knitting for...wonder if his head is cold...

  6. D'oh! I thought I'd already left a comment. I must have been too overwhelmed to type what with so many projects. Those baby hoodies and pants are too cute. And despite your misgivings about the cardi, I love how the cabling takes the place of ribbing. And remember, every mistake is another step towards getting it the way you want ;-)


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