Monday, September 26, 2005


**The following may not, in fact, be as amusing as it seems to me right now. If so, please consider it generic-dayquil-induced delusions. My internal censor seems to be sleeping at the moment.

Yesterday morning, on my way to church, there was a yellow 4 door Mitsubishi with yellow tinted windows in one of the visitor spots at my building. I had never seen this particular car in the parking lot before and the yellow windows with the bright yellow car struck me as particularly funny.

**I hadn't started taking the generic-dayquil yet, so maybe it was actually funny. Or maybe I am just that easily amused.

Then, a couple of hours later, I came home from church and this is what I saw:

Was it some sort of cell-splitting thing? Were they breeding or just multiplying asexually? I half expect to come home to a parking lot full of them this afternoon...

**Unrelated note: at the 7-Eleven across the street from my parking lot, the gas price reads "100.4" (that's cents/litre)(Canadian). Every weekday for the past week or so the price on that sign has been 1 Cent/litre cheaper when I arrive home in the afternoon than it was in the morning when I went to work. I'm hoping that it will read 99.4 when I get home today.


  1. Clearly, Slurpees are necessary to Mitsubishi asexual reproduction. Who knew? :-)

  2. hehe. Here in Vancouver, it's blue Subarus that seem to be asexually reproducing... or Civics of every gawdy colour known to mankind.

    Gas price on my way to work this morning... 116.9 c/ltr. I envy you Albertans. Cheaper gas, cheaper alcohol, no PST!!! :-)


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