Thursday, September 15, 2005

objects. finished? unfinished?

So, you know how we knitters fall prey to second sock syndrome? or second sleeve syndrome? You know... you've knit one sock and instead of casting on the second one, you get distracted by different sock yarn, or by some other beautiful yarn and the first sock just lies there, quietly wondering when he will have a partner. "No pressure dear knitter, but, wouldn't it be nice to have 2 socks?" he asks you.

Well, I seem to be in the midst of second baby sweater syndrome.

As you know (since I KNOW that every detail of my life is burned into your collective memory... ehem) my sister-in-law and brother had twin boys a couple of weeks ago. I started planning, thinking and knitting when I heard they were expecting. I now have a grand total of 3 complete sweaters knit. The problem is that I have been distracted by different patterns, so instead of having three pairs of sweaters, I have three individual sweaters.

Well, NO MORE. I am breaking free of the second baby sweater syndrome.

(there are sleeves for the second sweater. they just haven't made it ON to the sweater yet... )

I feel a sense of accomplishment. Keep in mind that these are teeny TINY sweaters. Why is it taking me so long?

I'll tell you why. I am apparently very easily distracted.

For example:
1. I finished the birthday socks:

i am insanely proud of the fact that the striping matches. truthfully, it was accidental. the first sock ended right at the point where i needed the yarn to be to start the second one.

They were enthusiastically received. I love giving people presents. Usually I can't wait until the occasion the gift is intended for. My friend who received these socks is a very appreciative giftee and this time was no exception. I love that. It makes the effort so much more worthwhile.

2. I finally was inspired regarding the Katia Twist that I got on a crazy sale in the spring. You may recall the unfortunate lying pattern incident. The katia twist has been in time-out ever since.

On Monday, I was home, sick (and realized that A&E was showing the first 4 episodes of 24 and it would start in half an hour and i had just enough time to cast on for something)(I have never seen any of 24.)(i am now officially addicted. must tape 24 reruns.) and was flipping through some magazines and came across the cropped cabled cardigan in the Fall Vogue Knitting. I decided to try the cable to see what it would look like in my yarn.

I like how it looks, even though the yarn is not what I would normally want to do cables in. (a microfibre/cotton blend) I am making the sleeve bottom narrower than the pattern called for by 1 complete pattern repeat and I have 2 sleeves ready to be joined to a body.

Oh, yeah, that's the other thing. The pattern in Vogue Knitting is only acting as inspiration. I'm going to do the cable on the body at the bottom edge instead of at the chest and I'll join the sleeves to the body to knit the raglan decreases. I'll let you know how that goes, since I will be winging it!

3. I am considering this a finished project, since the goal of the activity was to deconstruct my sweater... So, it's finished! (it's my blog, my rules. a frogged store-bought sweater successfully wound into balls is a finished project.)

This was a turtleneck sweater from American Eagle. I loved the yarn and the sweater, but I can't deal with turtlenecks. Anything touching the front of my neck makes me feel really uncomfortable. I don't know why I would have bought it...

HOWEVER, The yarn is really nice. It's a bit thin for chunky but a bit thick for worsted. I plan to make a ribbed jacket from it. (i cast on and knit about an inch and a half of the body tonight. told you. easily distracted).

4. I am about to knit the heel on a sock for myself. This one will be challenging to get a match. I couldn't figure out where in the pattern I was when I started, so it will be a bit of a guessing game when it comes time for the second sock.

I'll post a pic when I have a sock done or when it's sunny, whichever comes sooner.

5. I decided to make myself a v-neck sweater from the chocolate brown peruvian highland wool from elann that I got last winter. I don't remember what I had planned to do with it, but I had bought it for something specific. I'm using the body shaping and v-neck shaping from knitty's leftovers and I'll figure out the sleeves when I get to them. (it will be raglan and i will knit the decreases along with the body.)

no pic yet. it's a brown ribbed bottom of a sweater. use your imagination... (ha)

6. i finally FINALLY finished the neck and hems of my hourglass sweater. You may recall the unfortunate off-the-shoulder neckline that I ended up with due to my lack of math ability and the fact that I forgot to figure out the neck line in advance. I think I maybe went to far, but it's done and i'm not re-doing it again. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

(pics tomorrow. they're in the camera. the camera cord is at work. you do the math.) (seriously though, if you CAN do math, can i call you in the middle of the night when i'm trying to figure out gauge and i JUST CAN'T GET IT??)

7. second self-striping v-neck baby sweater. I'll post a pic when i get further along

8. mystery knitting project and a play along at home game...

Now, many of you will know what this is. It's one of the many prerequisites for knit bloggers. Can you guess what it is?

It's kind of fun, but i'm not working on it steady.

Now, here's the bonus point question: Can you guess what yarn I'm knitting it with? I can't really afford to send out a prize for guessing what the project is, but if anyone could correctly guess the yarn, I would be so astonished that I would find something awesome to send you. probably something hand made. like a journal. or a messenger/knitting bag that i sew for you.

Here's a hint as to why i am using this particular yarn:
This is how much it cost me:

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  1. Wow - It's great to see all thoseprojects. O am just like you - too many UFO''s on the needles. Instead of finishing them, I just buy more needles to start the next project...


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