Tuesday, September 06, 2005

it's not you. it's me.

I do come to visit you all. Just so you know.

I LOVE getting comments on my blog. I know that those of you who comment must love it too. I feel like this is not a reciprocal relationship right now, because I have not been holding up my end. I want to communicate, I just can't. It's not you. It's me.

I go by to see you, my commenters, bloggers who would make great blog friends. I see your cool FOs, I read your stories. I try to comment. I just can't. I start typing and then, just as I feel like I'm starting to get somewhere, everything freezes up. My computer is standing in the way of my communication.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the computers supposed to HELP with the communication? Isn't it sort of counter-intuitive for a computer to hinder communication?

It seems to very random. My computer is moody on top of being elderly and showing the initial signs of alzheimers (poor memory). I have been able to comment on some blogs and sometimes I get all the way through the fields that need to be entered before it craps out on me.

I used to do a lot of my blog reading and commenting at work over my lunch hour (ehem. not during business hours. no. not me. never. ehem) but now if I'm at my desk during lunch it's because i have so much work I'm not taking a lunch, so i have to, er, sneak some blogging/reading in here and there.

So, please don't go away. Don't be mad. I do read you all. I enjoy our time together, even if it is rather one-sided at the moment.

Now, the exciting almost news: (well, if you are me it's exciting)
Apparently, my aunt has a line on some computers from the school she teaches at. I'm waiting to hear from her, but it sounds like I will be able to get one. Likely they are PCs which will mean a change for me from my Mac powerbook (with not so much power), but if it works and has more hard drive space than what I have now and doesn't sound like an airplane taking off when it's running, I'll take it.

The surprise present will be done tonight and delivered this week, so I will post pics after it's been gifted. I know you are all quivering in anticipation. It's just THAT exciting. There will soon be pic(s) of finished baby-wear and possibly a mystery pic for you to figure out. Exciting, huh?


  1. Hey don't worry ... I'm still here! ;) Wish your computer get well soon.

  2. I'm here, too reading every one of your posts. You can consider me a good blog friend, I think you're great, at least from what I've seen of you here!! I love your work.
    Dear Lori's computer,
    please get well soon so your owner and master can write to those of us who would love to hear from her.
    Thank you,


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