Friday, May 01, 2009

I just flu in and boy are my arms... I can't even finish that

Crochet Hexagon

I'm on day 3 home from work with the flu. Not the dreaded potential pandemic flu, just a regular flu. Except now I think it's turning into a sinus infection. Or ear infection. Or maybe my head is currently upside down in a bucket of water and I am not fully aware of that fact.

Either way, I feel lousy. I'm dizzy, my head is stuffed up and feels like it will explode soon and my ears feel like they are full of water. I'm a joy to be around currently.

I started making these little hexagons last Saturday after I cleaned up my living room and came across a stash of acrylic yarn scraps that I had been hoping would assemble themselves into an afghan. Time and pressure of the weight of the mountain of crap in my living room didn't seem to be doing anything to produce said afghan so I put the bag aside thinking I would hide it somewhere else. As I moved it I started imagining a 2 color "granny"-esque crocheted hexagon. I tried it out and liked it.

Now I can't stop.

Crochet Hexagons in waiting

I have about 55 completed hexagons and a pile of centers waiting to go. I've been really hung up with my knitting projects and can't seem to finish anything, so these are a very satisfying diversion. I can finish one in about 5 minutes so it feels like I'm accomplishing something. And I can put them down whenever I need to sleep.

So for today, I'm holed up in bed with my laptop and my crochet, trying to convince myself to go to the walk-in clinic and wait for 3 hours to see a doctor who will probably tell me that it's nothing and to get some rest. That should be fun.


  1. Hmm... Sounds familiar. I have same head-upside-down-in-a-bucket syndrome. Unfortunately, I got mine yesterday, which happened to be my birthday, so I dragged myself to work so as to not be thought of as the person who skips work for their birthday... I then came to work today so as not to be known as the person who takes the day after their birthday off to nurse a hangover... but screw this. I'm going home this afternoon, after my free dinner. (I was up all night sick, but my stomach seems to be fine for the moment.. yay!)

    Do you think flus would work well for dish scrubbies? I need to make two yet for mothers day... :P

  2. Hope you feel better soon! The crochet looks great.


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