Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Baby Binky Bunny

Baby Binky Bunny

This little cutie is a birthday gift for my coworker's daughter.

Baby Binky Bunny Bum

The pattern is by the talented Larissa from her Etsy shop, mmmcrafts. The pattern is really well designed and easy to follow. It was so much fun making this little bunny and binky.

Baby Binky Bunny - sleepy

All materials were from stash: cottons for the bunny & blankie, acrylic yarn for the tail, polyfill stuffing. I'm really happy with how the bunny turned out. I'm even happy with the embroidery for the face! I've never really done any embroidery before. It took a couple of tries to get it right but I think it turned out well.

Baby Binky Bunny

Shh... baby's sleeping.


  1. awww...thanks for letting me know about your post. I had already snuck a peek at your bunny on the flickr group. So cute in the candy colors.

  2. oh so cuuuute! The little eyes are so precious.

  3. this is so cute and you did an excellent job with the embroidery. makes me want to start sewing again


  4. hello I have an urgent need for this rabbit model but unfortunately the store is sold or closed could you send me mail and I would offer you willingly contrepartis another model if you have a request for you thank you

    1. You didn't leave an email but I can't send you this pattern. I purchased it from mmmcrafts Etsy store. You can contact the owner/designer by email if you need it urgently.


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